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Full Version: On Dark Tides - Cooperative blog for sculpting and casting ships [01-04-2016]
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One idea for this - anyone thinking of making matching scenery?  Eg docks/piers, seaforts/towers, etc?
Hmm, maybe it could be some sort of close assault support platform?  It Rams an enemy ship and either it disgorges a boarding party or an allied ship initiates a boarding action while blunderbusses, swivel guns and flame throwers on the top deck provide support/cover fire?
Would it be better to have one set of escorts that are Dwarf ships and a second set that are slave ships?  The slave ships being cheap fodder means that really they should outnumber the dwarf ships I think.  And I'd say that the slave ship set should have duplicates in it role wise, but with the minis being slightly different visually, eg it'd be a six ship set, three would be the rammer variety and three the boarding variety, but it'd be six distinct sculpts rather than duplicate sculpts.

One idea re: moulds - would it be possible to have a fleet/battlegroup/taskforce/etc mould?  I'm thinking something like a mould that'll produce say one battleship, two cruisers and three escorts as a set.   If so maybe that'd be the best to use as the first set cast/sold as it'd give people a good core/starter fleet and the all escort set, all cruiser set, etc come later as expansions.
Admiral: great work on the slave galley, the idea of a tall tower deck design sculpted as a looming Chaos dwarf overseer is brilliant. Always good to remind those slaves who they work for, and that their Chaos Dwarf masters are keeping an eye on them.

Jackswift: that is a really nice sketch! I love the forward prow of the ship designed as a Chaos Dwarf face. An awesome idea...and bonus points for the idea of the Monitor and Merrimac (Virginia) Cheers!
Looks good.  I'd suggest maybe adding two rams on the front to be 'tusks' for the face, although they might have to be seperate pieces for casting purposes (although if so, the slots they fit in could be used as mounting points for cannons for a variant class).

As for smokestacks, I'd say go for two aside, although possibly make them thicker.
I'd say either drop the ram on the hammer ship, or maybe have two rams, one on each side with a gap between them for the hammer to swing down into - the rams pin the enemy ship in place long enough for the hammer to be dropped.
This project is great. Love the work you guys are doing. Very nice work.

Grimstonefire Wrote:
So here is my early WIP ship.

Wow! That is freakin' awesome Grimstonefire, I love it! A really nice original concept, that also really fits in well with the classic Man O' War ship designs. The Ziggurat Bridge is seriously cool. Well done sir! Cheers!

Jackswift Wrote:
@Fuggit Khan:  Thank you sir... and nice catch.  Frankly, I'm not really sure where "Kansas" came from. Cheers!

No worries, I knew what you meant, very cool that you knew of those ships in the first place...the CSS Virginia and CSS Albemarle are my most favorite ships of that era Happy


Grimstonefire Wrote:
Just had another crazy idea for a ship.  Imagine a yoyo sitting upright on a table, with each half being a huge spiky paddle wheel and maybe a slim cannon mounted on a bit of boat in the middle.  Visually its mostly paddlewheels that from sides look like the big hellcannon wheels.

Was going to put a pic of the attack boat things from Wookie planet in attack of clones

Sort of like two doomwheels with a cannon strapped between them?

The problem with 3D printing is that unless it's very high end it'll have printing lines on it that will need to be cleaned off.

Nice design - only recommendation I can think of is moving the smokestack and have a extra hammer between the two you've got, but instead of a hammer have it be a boarding ramp.  Not sure where the smokestack could be moved to though :/

Jackswift Wrote:
.  My initial thought was to have the beam of the hammer be the boarding ramp once it has fallen across the ship being attacked.

That's possible but it'd cause problems if it didn't penetrate all the way through as the boarding party would either have to clamber down awkwardly or jump down into the enemy deck.  A seperate ramp (especially if it telescoped) could avoid that.

gIL^ Wrote:
I would love to see a 28mm chaos dwarf ship. I know the logistics are tough but that would be amazing to see, Even a small ship.


gIL^ Wrote:

Dînadan Wrote:

gIL^ Wrote:
I would love to see a 28mm chaos dwarf ship. I know the logistics are tough but that would be amazing to see, Even a small ship.


one i can buy Takes Hat off

Then talk him into casting it Wink

My Uncharted Seas order came today - for reference, here's the sizes of the Shroud Mages' ships:

Flagship: 15cm
Tormentor class heavy cruiser: 9.5cm
Stalker class cruiser: 8.9cm
Darkness class cruiser: 9.1cm
Infiltrator class destroyer: 8cm
Adept class destroyer: 7.4cm
Lurker/Illuminator class frigate: 4.4cm
Ripper class submarine: 11cm (base), 9cm (no base)
Beautiful work there Mr Admiral Takes Hat off
It's a joy to look at all the intricate details that you've sculpted (I wish I had such marvelous sculpting skills as yours)...and kudos for the historical Sumerian influences on the design.
And I love the Man O' War battlebarge lower hull design too, it makes such a nice tie in to the Man O' War classic ship style Cheers!
Those ships look amazing!
Very professional casts, they look like they're made from high quality injection molds. I'm looking forward to adding them to my Man O' War fleet Cheers!
Those look quite amazing.  Been on a break from gaming and modeling for several weeks.  Will likely get back at it soon.  

I've been doing some test work in 3D modeling on the ship ideas.  I still need to sharpen my skills, but I will hopefully have something to post before too long.  Cheers JR
Wow. They look very well together!
Nice shot.  They truly fit with the existing models very well.
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