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Full Version: Selling: Admiralty Miniatures
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Have jsut recieved my Petrified Sorcerer and Support Ships. Wow! Just wow!

The sorcerer sculpt is absolutely excellent. He's gonna ride a pallanquin carried by four honour guard. great looking miniature and great extra bits. Mine will be with the flaming bull. But the ripped apart goblin will get used in some other conversion for sure!

And the resin quality of the ships is A+. The detail is insanely crisp and there's an absolute minimum of very thin resin mold line to remove - perfect really.
They'll make good diorama or special character models. They would also size up nicely with a metal 1st version Russian Alternative Great Weapon unit which are also intentionally slightly oversize.
Thanks for the kind words! Zealot are very good at translating details through sculpt via master and production mould. Good to hear that deliveries continues to show up without incident or damage. Always good to be able to trust the postal service. Happy
The Animated Dwarf Statue of Ancient Times has been restocked and is now up for sale once more.
Striking results of your labours! The choice of colours and the crisp paintjobs showcase these miniatures way better than anything I could ever hope to achieve myself. Now I know how they look like other than in green and grey, and your colourful version of them is stunning!

Very well done, particularly on the scribe! His paintjob is spot-on. The chained Sorcerer-Prophet have great colours as well. I'll update Ebay auctions and sales threads with your finished War Booty kit. Looking forward to see how you tamed Enkidu, and thanks for the kind words!

I might give a cylinder seal a go with the method you just described, but not very soon I'm afraid. I've got to figure out how to make a full 360 degrees roll of the cylinder to produce a decent repeatable pattern that you can just continue to roll out over a straight stretch in one smooth motion. Perhaps just better sculpt some flat fresque patterns, roll and remove/add to the meeting end lines until it produces a clean continuation roll. Such a small pin roll sure wouldn't break the bank, and I'd like to try it later on even though sales could be expected to be low. Happy

Enjoysrandom Wrote:
Evil Dwarfs of Ancient Times - War Booty


I love the look on that petrified sorcerer face! It looks like his just about to petrify completely, that look in his eye. "You messed up my spell goblin! I'll rip you apart, even if it's the last thing I ever... damn!"
Brilliant paint job! These are true beauties to admire <3
The colors you've used on the shield is stunning, flawless and nothing short of beautiful. I'm sending you slaves Takes Hat off

Malorndk Wrote:
Holy Hashut that is a crisp paintjob!
Lovely models.
Does the satyr have en erection while being captured and tortured? That seems a little... kinky Wink

Admiral is simply a history geek. Check out wikipedia for something kinky. Satyr always run around with an erection.

The models are beautfully painted Enjoysrandom. The blue and yellow is perfect!

@Enjoysrandom: Beautiful paintwork! Will get used for display purposes. Cheers!

No plans to stop sculpting. Ever. Though eventually there might come periods when other things in life, or other creative efforts take the driver's seat before sculpting. But sculpting will always return.

The gutsy details are necessary to underline the ancient style. Phalli, temple harlots, slavery and brutality are all bread and butter of the evil Dwarf range, though won't show up (except perhaps brutality, in a more elegant way) with the Elves. It all seem appropriate for bull worshippers given the historical basis.

@Abecedar: Good to hear! Thanks for showing your minis around. I hope you enjoy painting them. Cheers!

CDO's resident artist, Forgefire, has kindly painted this new banner, to be used in forum signatures, at the top of sales threads and on a future webstore, that kind of thing:

Ah yes, Elf Heavy Archer released, see first post. Forgot to post here.
Thanks for sharing, Carcearion! Gallery stuff for sure. Takes Hat off
Wall Relief Plates (sold separately) are out now, see first post.
Slave Orc Heads, Hobgoblin Slavedrivers and Tjublings (15mm) out now!
Postnord, the Swedish postal service, will raise their prices by the 1st of January 2018. This will mean higher shipment for much of what I sell, and some headache recalculating and updating shipment here, on Ebay, Etsy and other places.

So, if anyone is looking to order something, they might want to do so before the shipment hike at the start of next year.
Postnord's changes were strange... They changed few postage costs, but switched around their standard stamp's value to trick the unknowing or lazy to pay more for their letters unless they asked for smaller value stamps. So little to no change in shipment costs, fortunately.

New Tjublings out now!
Haha, thanks! That dark laboratory would be a disappointment, I'm afraid. Small apartment that is both home, storehouse and workshop combined. Takes Hat off

I recently took the opportunity to screw fast some wall cabinets above the book cases, to finally get the box-packaged casting stuff off the floor. There's always more storage to be had if you attack the walls...
More Tjublings and 28mm Blunderbusses out now!
Even more Tjublings and 28mm dungeon clutter out now!
28mm big hats and bazooka team by Fuggit Khan out now!
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