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Full Version: Selling: Admiralty Miniatures
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Yeah, that'd make a good unit filler.
Can I order one?
Good job, Matte! I'm gonna get two (later today when I haven't got multiple kids pulling at me).
Whoops... I just paid up like 10 seconds ago. dead Well, let me know if you still want to do something like this, guys. I think I just muddied the waters though...
Alright, cool. We'll just proceed as planned then. Thanks guys.
Really nice casting Happy

Beautiful! Really lovely tones.
Statue and ships arrived in the post today, and wow! Shock

The statue's detailing is just sublime, I could continue gazing at all the little cracks and designs all day.

The ships are beautiful, details again are fantastic, and almost makes me wonder what the Hell-Pit GW were doing with finecast! Tongue

For some reason I can see the escort fleet being part of a fleet in a bottle diorama. Something I might look into in the future. Pirate

The only issue i've had was one of the chimneys (ironically the smallest one on the smallest ship) had broken off in the post. However, a quick dab of glue and it was just as good as new.

Overall, top work, Admiral!

I now need to learn how to paint well... Tongue
I just recieved the statue (yesterday) and opened it up and I can say with certainty it is a marvelous casting and sculpting. Great work, Admiral.
I am curious, are the war booty and taming of the wildman similarly scaled to the Ancient Statue of End Times, or are they more in line with classic big hats?  I want them all regardless, but I'm curious.
Love the sculpts, purchased a couple cant wait to paint them!Takes Hat off
I received my War Booty and Taming of the Wildman yesterday.  

They are amazing sculpts, the casts are of excellent quality, and the hats (I'm going with the onion hat on the priestess) are amazingly detailed.  Resin was definitely the way to go on those, and the excellent quality of the casting really shows.  They will fit right in with the Animated Dwarf Statue of Ancient Times.
G'day Guys

Figured I would upload a picture or two of some of the units I have painted from Admirals, Dwarfs of Ancient Times range. (I cant seem to attach / insert the image directly into the post but this link should work? but might change/be deleted in the future... I R NOOB...)
I plan to have all of them painted but just the one Dawi Zharr here took me at least 5-7 hours to paint.... I need to speed up I know.... But I will get there.

Group so far:

Dawi Zharr:



Slave 1

Slave 2

Hope you guys enjoy the photos, Also you should all buy a set of Dwarfs from Ancient Times, great quality and adds real unique flavor to the army. My Astrogoth rebellion now has a sizable and important looking scribe to take down his every command and my Overlords now have Sorceresses to accompany them with with matching big hats. Once I get my hands on a Dwarven Idol lot from Impact Miniatures my army will be well themed.
Great Stuff Admiral keep up the great work and keep the highly detailed sculpts coming.

And just to spam his thread some more, here is a photo of the statue I converted and painted a while ago, but sat up all night waiting on an eBay auction repainting parts of it. I reckon it turned out alright so here it is.

Living Statue:

Also because I'm not sure how to insert the photo, just right click these icons and open in new tab, seems to work.
Warbooty and another fleet of ships arrived today.

Your pictures really don't do the models justice, as the detail work is far more fantastic. Clear favourites for me are the Scribe and the basket of potatoes. The Scribe's details, especially his hat, are gorgeous.

There are a couple bubble pockmarks and the usual (but very minor) mould lines, but this isn't such a big deal.

Very fine work, Admiral! Happy
Evil Dwarfs of Ancient Times - War Booty

Its a great set and I love the Assyrian feel to it all, Hopefully I can carry this style over the Top Hat regiments in my Army.
I don't think I can get quite the same paint job onto the old GW Dwai'Zharr big hats but I will try.

Hopefully soon I will have the Taming the Wildman set completed and some photos up.

Also just as a throw in,
I have repainted this guy a few times and re-based him just as many...
I wanted him too look like hes half succumbed to the curse of Hashut.
I also added some magnets in his hand to swap out what hes doing, and attached some small chain to his feet and tried to make him look tethered  as to stop his rampaging? I figure a Dawi that big still moving when hes half obsidian must need restraints.

Keep on sculpting Admiral! We need a cylinder seal sculpted by you Tongue
Could try sculpting something on a flat surface, wetting it then softly rolling greenstuff over it, sure Zealot Miniatures could cast great detail out of it and a small 2 inch high seal wouldn't break the bank, your hat details are pretty much there.
Cheers! Takes Hat off Cheers! Takes Hat off Cheers! Takes Hat off

Here is the Taming of the Wildman set. Great set to paint and a compliment to my army. Highly recommended guys defiantly worth the purchase. How on earth you sculpt the tiny details of Dawi'Zharr and Taurus on the hats and shoulders amazes me.

Once I have a few of the Dwarven/Assyrian themed artifacts painted from the Zealot Miniatures set I will post them here too, they are great sculpts. The Hammurabi stele and Venus of Willendorf stand out from the packs. Never stop sculpting Admiral! Great Work!
Holy Hashut that is a crisp paintjob!
Lovely models.
Does the satyr have en erection while being captured and tortured? That seems a little... kinky Wink
Thats actually supe rcool to see that fluff detail transitioned into er perveted dawi zharr fashion. Nice!
On the taming of the wildman set there are 5 phallus's in total. The Satyr has an erection, the harlot has a phallus necklace and the bulls on the shoulders of the stricken also seem to have a box and tackle. I never expected to paint so many dangley bits on a miniature before, but at least there are some mammary glands for me as well Tongue Wink

The phallus was used lots in ancient mythology around the world as a symbol for strength, power and masculinity. But Admiral has used many influences from Assyrian designs not limiting to the phallus. Regardless his sculpts are wonderful. Really really recommended. The size variant of the miniatures varies but I have found uses for them along side 90s Big Hat Chaos Dwarves and I think they suit.

The scribe is the tallest of the miniatures but along side Astrogoth, he looks great! (I'm working on banners, the reason why the one for my golden hat entry was so crappy)

Yes... I think I must have at least her and the Temple Harlot. After all, they're the only minis of their kind in the world to my knowledge.
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