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Full Version: Selling: Admiralty Miniatures
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PM me to place an order or contact me via ofancienttimes ( at )

All products sold unpainted and unassembled. The smallest orders are likely to cost €3,5 in shipment.

On Sale (click product names for more information and pictures in linked announcement posts, incl. if bases are included, and what bases)

Of Ancient Times (Fantasy)
* Deathspitter Blunderbusses
Price: €8 + postage

* Big Hats
Price: €6,5 + postage

* Bazooka Team
Price: €12 + postage

* Animated Dwarf Statue
Price: €9 + postage

* Hobgoblin Slavedrivers
Price: €9 + postage

* Slave Orc Heads
Price: €9 + postage

* Taming of the Wildman
Price: €17 + postage

* War Booty
Price:  €13 + postage

* Wall Relief Plates, 1 kit of 2 different plates (Triumph & Thralldom, Four Reliefs)
1 kit:   €17 + postage
2 kits:   €33 + postage
4 kits:   €63 + postage

* Elf Heavy Archers
Elf Heavy Archer Price
1 Single Archer:   €3 + postage
5 Archers:   €13 + postage
10 Archers:   €20 + postage
20 Archers:   €38 + postage
40 Archers:   €70 + postage

Elf Heavy Archer Postage
1 Archer:         €2,5
5-10 Archers:   €6
15 Archers:        €6
20-40 Archers:    €10

* Dessicated Corpse
Price: €3,8 + postage

* Houseware Vessels
Price: €6 + postage

* Ceramics
Price: €6 + postage

15mm Tjublings
* Rank and File (Axemen, Hammer Guard, Blunderbusses, Skull Masks, Fireguard Axes, Fireguard Hammers and Command Groups: Hat [3 minis], Fireguard [2 minis] and Skull Masks [3 minis])
1 kit of Rank and File (4 models from one unit type, or 3 or 2 command models):   €2,5 + postage
1 Maniple (5 kits/20 Rank and File models + 3 or 2 command models):   €13 + postage

* Blunderbuss Extras (2 miniatures).
Price: €1,3 + postage

* Flamethrower Team
Price: €2,8 + postage

* Dog Pack
Price: Small €3,5 + postage
Huge €4,5 + Postage

* Thunderhammer Rocket
Price: €3,5 + postage

* Tjubbutaur Leaders
Price: €3,5 + postage

* Tjubling Characters
Price: €4 + postage

* Ashen Dwarf Escort Vessels
Price: 1 kit of 5 ships for €12 + postage, or 3 kits for €34 + postage

Of Distant Times (28mm Sci-fi)
* Alien Heads
Price: €7,5 + Postage

PM me to place an order or contact me via ofancienttimes ( at )
@Petterwass: Tackar! Yup, please PM me.

@Roark: Thank you very much! Both kids and vengeful statues in the house? Watch yer back, matey. Wink
Updated with smallscale escort vessels.
As Roark has ordered some as well as I, would it make sense (financially) to send it all to me in one package? and then I could forward the smaller package on to him using our local post.
Neat idea! Regrettably, I'd already prepared a package with stamps etc. for Roark to just drop it in the mailbox. No more space for other statues in that package, sadly, otherwise it would've been easy to fix. If you insist, I'm willing to repackage it all, send the two orders to Roark (since he's already paid the shipment cost) and ignore the used stamps if they can't be re-used, but otherwise we'll take it in two separate shipments. You say.
Not a problem.  It looks like the postage from there (for both packages) is way cheaper from just from my place to Roarks anyway
I'm glad you like minis. Looking forward to see what you do with them! Zealot Miniatures pulled off a baffling resin casting with the boats. Happy
Mine have all arrived safe and sound.
Thank you for sharing the painted miniature, Petterwass! Everyone who wants to, are more than welcome to do so. It can help others get an idea how the models can look like with a lick of paint on.

I particularly like the lava streams on the base, and the paintjob showing off the details well. Cheers!
Thanks Ikkred! Zealot Miniatures achieved some flawless resin casting with the boats. Bottle diorama is a great idea!

Too bad about the chimney, my apologies! First reported damage in transit. If it turns out a reoccurring problem, I'll have to look into different packaging solutions. I've only got one idea right away which wouldn't involve a silly amount of work, but not sure if it would work out at the end of the day.
@Darkmeer: Thank you kindly! I hope you'll enjoy painting it too. Happy

War Booty and Taming of the Wildman are now available, see first post for details.

However, the Animated Dwarf Statue is running low on stock and may be sold out within hours. I've ordered new casts of it, but they're late in coming. As such, should you wish to purchase an Animated Dwarf Statue, you might wish to hold off ordering other miniatures as well until stock is replenished. I will inform you when it is restocked.
Good question! Size comparison shots uploaded in first post and the announcement threads.
They're closer to the statue than to usual 28mm miniatures, so they're 32mm-scale-ish. It seems it'll still be a while before I get the size right when sculpting, but I hope this slight gigantism is not much of an issue in the meanwhile.
The stuff arrived today! Big Grin

Everything is o.k., great stuff dude! Cheers!

Looks really great! Nice paintjob
My set of Ancient Evil Dwarfs, the Wild Man set and the artifacts have all arrived safely.

@ Enjoys Random.  Thanks for the warning, I would have wondered what they were once I started painting
Showed off the above mentioned goodies at our club meeting on tuesday night.
There was lots of appreciative oohs and aahs from veteran and novice gamers alike.
And now the alien heads! Soon, something for the slavedrivers...

Also on Etsy.

Abyssalmatt Wrote:
I just got a kit of 15mm guys, and they're beautiful guys, not sure how I'm gonna use them yet, but I have big things planned for these little guys Big Grin

Thanks, great to hear! Takes Hat off

This stuff is soooo great! Very impressive. Happy If/when I eventually visit Sweden, you have to show me your workshop! Big Grin

Admiral Wrote:
Haha, thanks! That dark laboratory would be a disappointment, I'm afraid. Small apartment that is both home, storehouse and workshop combined. Takes Hat off

I recently took the opportunity to screw fast some wall cabinets above the book cases, to finally get the box-packaged casting stuff off the floor. There's always more storage to be had if you attack the walls...

Sounds amazing to me!

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