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Full Version: Chaos Dwarf on Circle of Chaos Kickstarter
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I've just backed the Circle of Chaos Kickstarter and I'm posting about it here incase there's any interest, I mainly backed for this guy, a cool CD sorcerer with a separate Big Hat

More info here -
The CD mage ist quite cool but I don't like / don't need the other miniatures ... Sad

So I won't plegde!

That's a nice model...I really like the shoulder pauldron designs and the historical Assyrian style shoes Hashut!
Love the model, even if he has a Tzeentch staff. Not a huge fan of half the models, the other half are nice but I have no need for them.
Nice.  That and the Guardian model are great.  I will most likely back this one!  Thanks for the link.
I think I might too. Will ponder for a while though
Here's a pic of the Dwarf with his hat on for those who like that sort of thing, looks good IMHO.

I hate to be a critic, but the sculpts aren't quite up to snuff IMNSHO.

If I could sculpt as well as I paint I'd say this is what I'd get. And I'd want to buy stuff *better* than what I can do myself.

I guess what I'm saying they got the old skool vibe but unfortunately also the old skool sculpting issues.
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