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Full Version: No more tomb kings...
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Looks like the entire tomb kings range is in the last chance to buy section of the gw website.

Also, this:
Thanks for the heads-up. Also, good of GW to give us warning beforehand. Sound business practice.

One thing I looked forward to for years, was updated Tomb Kings core infantry, cavalry and charioteers to the standards of the new Vampire Counts Skeletons. Looks like it won't happen at all, provided the range isn't revived sometime in the future.

GW got things right with the Tomb Kings. I hope that Undead Egyptians keep popping up in all manner of fantasy settings in the future. Could something in that vein possibly be planned for Age of Sigmar, or is it just too generic?
Urgh this is absolutely gutting. TK was my first army. I have also been looking forward to updated core models so this is me pretty much done with GW, unless Chaos Dwarfs or Tomb Kings come back in some form. I dont even have the cash right now to pick up a final few pieces, but looking at those prices i remember why i havent picked them up already. Decided to just order one last unit of Tomb Guard. Looks like its all selling out pretty fast.

Dînadan Wrote:
Only upshot I can see from this is that it might prompt one of their numerous rivals to produce an undead Egyptian range.  Think a sequel/spinoff to Frostgrave called Sandgrave would go over well lol.

If Avatar's of War made a new skeleton unit that would be great. Maybe ill post on the forum and ask. Pretty much every other Egyptian style range out there is awful.


at least all your models are now considered OOP and go up about ten times in value. I reckon TK will be back one way or another, Settra is mentioned a lot in the AoS fluff
I think it was inevitable that any range with too many ties to a real-world culture would be discontinued. Lizardmen are an exception, but the Seraphon fluff has no references to Mesoamerican civilisation and I'm sure if they could have replaced everything with an Aztec or Mayan glyph on it they would have... You can't really separate Tomb Kings from Ancient Egypt though.

Empire and Bretonnia will almost certainly disappear when they create new human factions too.

Pyro Stick Wrote:

Dînadan Wrote:
Only upshot I can see from this is that it might prompt one of their numerous rivals to produce an undead Egyptian range.  Think a sequel/spinoff to Frostgrave called Sandgrave would go over well lol.

If Avatar's of War made a new skeleton unit that would be great. Maybe ill post on the forum and ask. Pretty much every other Egyptian style range out there is awful.

I've always appreciated the old-school feel of the crocodile games miniatures.
They mix well with 5th ed. Undead etc.

To be honest I'm surprised Empire and Brets haven't already gone as they have the new human faction already.

But this is sad.  I might be tempted to pick up a couple of things, or just see what happens on ebay.
I look at the demise of WFB in the form we know it as pretty much the same vein as when chaos dwarfs online launched in 2007. Now all the factions are really free to do what they want without GW hanging over the heads of everyone.

In other words the canvas is a blank again. Which system, which rules? How do YOU want to do it?

Vex Wrote:
It makes me fearful about what could happen to the Slaanesh range in the future. Also I hope those necro knights and sphinx stay in stock a little longer so I can pick them up next week. So much for the "grand alliance"

Now they're saying Order is next and Bretonnia is on the chopping block, then at the end of the year beastmen will go.

The Necropolis Knight and sphinx are both £25 at wayland games right now. Tempted to pick up one last unit of skeletons as well since they have them for £15.

Followers of Slaanesh and Beastmen both appear in the Grand Alliance: Chaos book. Neither of them have been written out of the setting.
It will be interesting to see what the new undead models looks like. Decent zombies and skeletons are easy to buy for far cheaper than GW charges, so they are going to become something weird and unique since that is what GW is going for with their new IP. How much of the old TK and vamp stuff will still be usable in the new undead army is the real question.
There aren't any new models coming - the Death book is just warscrolls for the existing Vampire Counts and Nagash stuff. If you want to see it all ahead of time, go to any of the product pages and download the PDF rules: those are pages from the book. It was the same with the Chaos book.
Time for the competition to fill the vacuum, then...
It was expected I suppose, but actually seeing it is still a sobering sight. I guess the other old races won't be far behind.

No new models for Seraphon or Death factions is pretty disappointing too. Army books without new minis? Whoever heard of such things Unsure
Niche abandoned, vacuum opens up, ready for competitors to pop into according to their ability. I have just realized that there might be quite a demand among collectors for a new mummy pharaoh, or a paladin on foot with morning star, if they're decent enough sculpts, seeing how AoW have not yet catered to that crowd... Pirate
IIRC, it was rumoured right from the start that no existing factions would get updated models, which is borne out by what's happened so far. The only new armies have been the Stormcast, Bloodbound, Everchosen and Fyreslayers. Obviously Bloodbound are a bit different because they dovetail with Chaos Warriors and used some of the existing range to beef up their ranks (though some of those were arguably designed with AoS in mind anyway), but in principle any straight conversions of old models to new fluff has come without new releases. I'd expect the same with Steamhead Duardin when they show up, and Greenskinz. Aelves are a bit up in the air, since we don't know exactly what form their armies will take: the warscroll compendiums certainly show the traditional three-faction split, but that could go out of the window: not everything in those compendiums has survived the transition to hardback, with some factions renamed or reorganised here and there.

So, while this has no bearing on Tomb Kings per se, I don't think anyone should be too surprised that, as the range moves forward, the last vestiges of the original Warhammer setting are being discarded. That was always the plan, and the compendiums are the equivalent of Ravening Hordes at the start of 6th Edition: just something to let you get your models on the table with the new game.
I've sent out a few choice advice mails to competitors. When you think about it, it's certainly possible to do ancient Egyptian Undead infantry better than Tomb Kings were, especially if you include the odd ragged kilt, the stray wig, and actual bronze age egyptian weaponry (not only kopesh):

Given the demand for better core units among Tomb Kings players, a plastic infantry kit of decent quality would be a safe investment.

Abandoning generic archetypes in a quest for tailored IP may not prove that lucrative... We'll see how GW fare with the new approach (best wishes to them, even though those prices mean they don't want my money), but this certainly leaves the field wide open for competitors. I know what I'd invest in right away if I was in, say, Mantic's boots.
AOW say they have no plans for a skeleton unit in the near future which is a shame.
AoW's "near future" is never near future anyways Takes Hat off

I have to admit I've always had a soft spot for Tomb Kings. It's a shame to see those miniatures disappear forever. Hope I won't end up wishing I had bought some, 5 years from now. Just like how I'm wishing I had bought Diaz Deamonettes when they were still available. Or Big Hats for that matter...

As for the skeleton kits. There are other skeleton kits available. Not sure adding an Egyptian-themed one to the market would be the best idea. Honestly, all you need is some shields and/or weapons to add to Wargames Factory skeletons.
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