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Full Version: Agalstrax' Oriental Oriented Army 2nd
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Agalstrax' Oriental Oriented Army 2nd


Dear fellow chaos dwarfs,
a while ago I had an army blog for my CDs.
Now all the old pictures are gone.

But my friends and I started a Warhammer campaign and I finished what waited for the brush.

2017 Image Salvage

My first photo shows the regiment bases for my troops.

The Hobgoblin Wolfriders can you guess what base is reserved for these sneaky fellows?

My based Infernal Guard ready to march against my foe ...

The slaves ready to loose their arrows.

A small regiment of Infernal Guard with blunder busses takes aim!

K'daai conjured out of a magic lamp ... wait one of you is in wrong company.

The whole about 1000 points ... but more is on it's way
Thank you Fuggit,

the netgitz on the wolves are for my slave hunting theme ... (let´s be honest everyone can run from a Dwarf ... but from a Hobgoblin on a wolf?)
If you like them, you have to copy them!
Some great ideas and the execution of them too.
Yep, brilliant stuff! The army is lovely as a whole. Very well done. Good choice of colours, good choice of models. I think a light touch of yellowing modelling grass or similar scanty growth on just a few bases and movement trays could lift the army as a whole.

Bonus points for the netter wolf riders, they look like they're catching slaves. And Fuggit, a Hobgoblin doesn't ask if he can steal something... Tongue
Thank you all. Cheers!
That will push me on ... I´ve got some dwarfs in my painting-pipeline.
When they are finished I´ll take photos of them.

Good idea Admiral ... I´ll order some yellow gras with the green stuff that I need for some future plans ... Wink
I like to convert miniatures to fit in to my army-concept like this K'daai who will take the place of the Ogre ...

But there are miniatures that I´d never dare to destroy ...

... and this Chaos Dwarf Castellan is an great example of such a miniature!
From what I can see it looks good; try and get some more photos straight on so we can see the details of the units!
Awesome painting, man!

I am particularly fond of the way you managed to identify 'what goes where' and 'which movement tray belongs to whom' by doing designs on them. Lovely. I'll steal the idea. Wink
@Zaramuskharaz: I´m happy you like this. Feel free to copy Wink

Actuelly I´m a little short of time so I´ve got to post my unfinshed Projects:
My Hellcannon for example:

My Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower:

And this 4th edi Prophet I found on Ebay ... got to strip his paint and give him somthing fitting to the army schema.
Here a little detail shot of a chaos dwarf with blunder buss reloading:

I´m thinking of a metal scrap barrel or chest like the powder barrel.

A piece of magic / daemonic artillery:
Neat additions to an already wondrous army. Lovely oriental flair to it. Takes Hat off
The lizard riders suit the Mantic models and your army's style well.
Original concept!
I didn't notice the banner before. Very nice.
There are some interesting pieces here!  Very original!!  I have no idea where this will go next and that's a good thing Shock

Your plog seems much more asian than oriental-themed.  Is that by design?

Agalstrax Wrote:
I hope you like it too Takes Hat off

Sure do! Nice collection of banners, and good variety in the symbols used.

And there's nothing wrong with a playful approach at historical elements in fantasy models. Your army is turning out great. Takes Hat off

Again.  Very nicely done
Good to see you back.
For your IronDaemon.  Ignore the wheels.  The base is it solid or molded?
Either way get some fine / small self tapping screws and drill through the base into the models body.
Do 3 or 4 a little way under so you cannot see them from the sides.
Do them up gently by hand and you should be OK.
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