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Full Version: Russian Alternative Elves for Lotr?
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It's naturally a great pity the GW Lotr miniatures weren't released in 28mm. It would have given them a lot more longevity and use for other games. I know lots of players who tried to incorporate Lotr Elves into Warhammer armies, but gave up because of scale (but not the lack of "heroic" proportions as such). The Lotr range is a true gem as a whole, but even so the 25mm scale remains its greatest flaw. As such, we're not likely to find good approximations in 28mm-ish fantasy ranges.

Given this state of things, lo! and behold something odd. Russian Alternative, a producer of quality not-Warhammer miniatures (wholeheartedly recommended), turned their hands at some high elves a while back. Recently when opening an order from them with various elves and evil dwarves, me and my brother discovered that their high elves were petite in comparison to Warhammer elves, not least the Elfin Lord, who looks quite much spot-on what I would imagine some Noldor high lords to look like, minus shoulder wings.

In fact, their Elven infantry are beautiful and intricately detailed with wings, gems and fine curly patterns, to be described as a succesful mix of WHFB and Lotr Elf styles. Probably close to Tolkien's own vision of Noldor Elves, with his descriptions of straight swords and tall helms:

Comparison shot with GW Easterlings:

These Russian Elves looks to be a godsend for Lotr collectors. I propose that these are perfect miniatures for many Noldor Elves. Hopefully they can be used alongside GW's existing Lotr Elves to give us that wide range of different uniforms/armour styles which would allow collectors to more easily differentiate between various Elven houses and tribes.

A tip, in case anyone around here collects Lotr, that thoroughly tasteful miniature range signed the Perry twins.
Nice call Happy
Just in case anyone missed this:
End of the year, the LOTR/Hobbit miniature range will return as "Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game" with reprints of OOP rules and some new stuff:

Manchu on DakkaDakka Wrote:
News is trickling out of Nottingham about Adam Troke's "state of the game" presentation at Throne of Skulls. It seems like the game may be rebranded as "Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game." One attendee on Facebook posted:
Feel gutted for the people who didn't get to come to ToS and hear from Adam Troke. Fantastic stuff he had to say, not sure exactly what we are and aren't aloud to post but needless to say the hobby is safe with Adam and we are getting NEW stuff guaranteed!
Another poster has said there was mentioned of reissuing OOP models.

More from Facebook:
Sourcebooks are being re-printed in three weeks
New Sourcebook (Most likely BoFA) is being released by the end of the Calendar year
Out of Production models will be released again in Forgeworld Resin
Due to the cost of Forgeworld resin, terrain kits will no longer be sold and instead replaced with battle boards (possibly)
Dain (Not on Pig) was shown and apparently looks better than anything we have ever seen. No pictures were taken to show us.
Adam Troke has is guaranteed to work on Middle Earth SBG for Four Years!! That is Four more years of models released
No mention of a new rulebook but there not be an Age of Sigmar type deal. My guess is that it will be Weapons Rules and Monster rules that will get tweaked. Game is said to largely stay the same.
New Game will be called Middle Earth SBG
The New game will start to go into the Lord of the Rings Appendices and Hobbit Appendices for material after the BoFA is done.

Optio on DakkaDakka Wrote:
They have a release plan up until 2020.

New stuff will be done the FW way.

There will be a new book by the end of the year and the current sourcebooks are going into printing now

We also got to find out why the Battle of five armies release was so small. New Lines barely gave them anything to work with as they changed everything half way through the production process. The result was GW staff did not find out what most of it was until the film came out. Plus side is the initial projects are to fill the gaps.

Admiral Wrote:

Well, I'm not an elf lover...but I do like these models....and the painted detail on the banner?!
OMG Shock
When did God start painting elfs?


Ahahaha Fuggit thank you! I was so mesmerized by the model sculpts and poses, that i kinda saw through the paint job. That banner is INSANELY well painted and deserved a good looking at
Best Elven models around by a long shot. RA's other miniatures are more or less all top-notch, but few of them has such a lead on the competition as those pointy-ears. Will gladly strike an axe into their skulls on tabletop. Happy

As you pointed out, even the studio paintjob is the ultimate version of Elves around. Something to strive for.
You say LOTR, imo those are far nicer high elves than the studio ever released!

When did God start painting elfs?

Yellow One, the sculptor, is also an excellent painter:

Holy crap that's impresive.

And the elves likewise.

Fuggit Khan Wrote:
Well, I'm not an elf lover...but I do like these models....and the painted detail on the banner?!
OMG Shock
When did God start painting elfs?


Well, if you read the Silmarillion you'd know that Elves and humans were Eru Illuvitar's (ie God) pet project while dwarves were his adopted children that he only didn't destroy because Aule, who created the seven father's of the dwarves begged him not to. Wink

Kirill Kananaev (who sculpted and painted) won best painted miniature at the Beast of War Gaming awards 2015 - for an Imperial Fist space marine.

Those high elf miniature are great. Have been made in plastic now? Like the awesome Chaos Dwarfs? Wouldn't like something this thin in resin.
He's immensely talented. I hope Mr. Kananaev sculpts some elf cavalry to round off that range, and then turns his hands to beards and axes for RA. The real deal awaits!

Plastic means resin with Russian Alternative, so they have been released in first metal, then resin.  Forget plastic as in hard plastic á la GW and Mantic. It's perhaps a case of translation mishap here, or something of a more technical nature? In among the ongoing wave of various resin material miniatures, Avatars of War used a material called restic, which I out of ignorance and scant reading assume means a high plastic component in the resin. Those with deeper insight are more than welcome to illuminate here.
I think restic is something Mantic used to use when they first started alongside their plastics instead of using metal.  Iirc it's some form of plastic-resin mix and you can't used plastic glue on it, only superglue.
GW plastic is Polystyrol and can be glued with plastic cement that melts both parts together, bonding them better than e.g. super glue.

Warmachine/Hordes uses restic, another plastic that can't be glued with plastic cement but needs the same glue to use with metal or resin miniatures, like super glue or 2 component epoxy glue.

Haven't tested it, but if you are right, Russian Alternative also uses a non-Polystyrol plastic.
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