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Full Version: Zombie Pirates of the Vampire coast rules?
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Afte watching pirates of the carrabean, i got the urge to look at the zombie pirates rules

Does anyone know where i can find them?
They are in a White Dwarf, or alternativly I think they can be found on the UK GW website under the Lustria section.
Cheers! Gilzam, I have been wondering recently where I can find them quicker than going through all my old White Dwarfs!
I cannae find it!

It might be a bit of a blonde moment, but i cant find it under lustria :S
The Zombie Pirates list was in WD 306 (UK version, not sure about the others).
I may or may not have all the exact rules for these.  I myself created a Zombie Pirate Ship with crew. Hehe.
It's on the GW site somewhere, I got them from it a while back.
This used to be the link to download this list

It doesn't seem to work now so GW may have removed the list
Maybe try the US site then

I myself created a Zombie Pirate Ship with crew. Hehe.

Rules or model? if you have models of these things they cannot go un-posted!

hlbs produce a captain jack model!
well what do you want to know i got a warhammer conquest of the new world its in there on pg7 thew 9 this is a small book let that came out and its only 10 pg long
I use a scratchbuilt boat with cotton wool mist and a drain pipe for my Queen Bess. Hail Zombie Pirates.
EvilClown has a zombie pirate army and I was planning to create a VC BD dwarf army to go to a doubles tournament. His zombie pirates were going to be mostly dwarfs, but he turned up with just one and I haven't started mine yet.
Pictures of my Zombie Pirates Sick

Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast
Repent form your non Evil ways before it too late !!and join the living Chaos dwarf pirates.
you can alway use these guys as slaves.
It looks like GW have pulled the rules .pdf from their website. I guess its down to hunting around for an off-site copy.

curlybeard Wrote:
hlbs produce a captain jack model!

Harkness or Sparrow?

You can get the rules for the Zombie Pirates here.

I have the original White Dwarf from 2005 and I'm actually in the process of slowly building this army.
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