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Full Version: As of today, 9th Age is officially official!!
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FantasyBattles: The 9th Age has arrived, ushering in a new age for Miniature Fantasy Wargaming!

On the 30th of April, 2016 the official ruleset for Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age was unveiled. The free Rule Book, Magic Compendium and 16 Army Books are now available on These books represent the cumulative efforts of over 250 volunteer staff members and the input and playtesting from more than 5,000 fans, who were eager to help pick up the pieces after the scene crashed in summer of 2015.

The project was launched in Q3 of 2015 by a team led by the creators of the widely-adopted Swe-comp and ETC-comp tournament balancing rules. With their cumulative decades of competitive wargaming experience serving as the guiding hand, and a palpable desire within the fantasy wargaming community, experienced tournament players from all over the world quickly lent their support to help create what has become a comprehensive, balanced, re-imaging of Fantasy Wargaming for a new age, if you will. This community of stalwarts persevered through a lengthy design and balancing phase, producing thousands of games worth of play-testing data that was compiled and used to inform more than seven book iterations. The result is the most balanced tournament-ready system ever created.

Already The 9th Age has established itself as the tournament standard for competitive fantasy wargaming. As a beta, the Ninth Age has been played at innumerable games and Grand Tournaments worldwide and will be the ruleset for the European Team Competition (ETC) in August 2016. In less than a year The 9th Age has experienced staggering growth and support from all reaches of the globe, filling a void in the fantasy war gaming scene.

Now that T9A offers a stable version, the game is increasingly accessible to gaming groups who balked at the rapid pace of updates in the early development phases.

Complete army books include three human factions, three elven factions, two dwarven factions, two undead factions, three beast-like factions and three monster-like factions. As there are no official miniatures for the 9th Age any model you own that you feel adequately represents a unit is completely legal under these rules, and always will be. YOU the player decide what your units look like.

Recently, The 9th Age announced Shield Wolf Miniatures would provide miniature support going forward. We are in discussion with other manufacturers and we anticipate more miniatures companies will follow their example.

So Join us in this new Age, download The 9th Age today!
Agreed and I played three tournaments now with T9A rules (different beta versions). It is very playable and in my area nearly all tournament organizers which used whfb 8th edition now changed to T9A in the last months and participant numbers steadily (re)growing.
It seems really worked through
Awesome!!! I should totally convert some Immortals...
great news Wink
As for my experiences the rules are (compared to whfb 8th) consistent and fluent. Concerning our "infernal" dwarves a lot of the character of the faction is still there and one can play like Legion of Azgorh and a little more (Disciples of Lugar, Hobgob bolt throwers, overlord). In my oppinion and experiences under extremly competitive environments (near ETC level) ID have to struggle for their place. But I see that as a challenge ;-).
To be fair, I think every army thinks of themselves as underpowered because every got hit with the nerf bat to tone down the overall power level of the game (which was out of control).  I've played a handful of games so far and had great times doing it!  There are still plenty of tweaks I'd like to see happen but for now we have a very competitive rule set.  Considering how skeptical I was when they first started out, I am now 90% happy with the end result Hashut!
I am 90% happy with the game in general, too, and I am excited to explore the possibilities the next months with a stable ruleset until September. Time will show and this is sure not the place for a power/balance discussion. Assemble your forces, fellow generals!
After a quick skim of the rules (and it was only that), it looks to me very much like what it claims to be on the tin - the next edition of Warhammer. 8th Ed plus some changes. Almost the kind of thing I could have seen GW themselves doing, if they hadn't had a collective brain fart and offered us the unholy mess that is AoS instead.

To a lot of people, I'm sure that's a good thing. To me... well, I got bored of 8th Ed a long time ago, and T9A appears to give me no reason to play it. Yes, it's basically the next edition of Warhammer... which means the core game mechanics are still stuck in the 1990s. That's not a criticism of T9A as it is so much that Warhammer has barely changed since, well, at least 4th Edition - there are simply better games out there now, so I'd rather play one of those. (Fantasy mass-battle games? I'm not so sure, to be fair; KoW also leaves me cold... but when you look at games like Bolt Action, X-Wing, Hail Caesar and so many more, you start to ask yourself why it's so important for fantasy mass-battle games to have endless tweaks on the same outdated core rules. Most obvious example: IGOUGO. This madness has to end, though at least T9A didn't find a way to make it even worse like AoS did.)

So, personally I'm going to let T9A pass me by. Wake me up when they release a second edition that isn't just WHFB 8th Ed plus tweaks. I know that's what they were deliberately going for, it just holds no interest for me.
I miss a warbeast sized Tarukh hero. Like the one from Ravening Hordes. Aside from that, they pretty much allows me to do everything I ever dreamed about with the Chaos Dwarfs.
Would love to play but warhammer is dead in these parts.

Malorndk Wrote:
I miss a warbeast sized Tarukh hero. Like the one from Ravening Hordes. Aside from that, they pretty much allows me to do everything I ever dreamed about with the Chaos Dwarfs.

I have been pushing the army book committees on that issue!  Now that the rules are stable, I expect the next phase will be larger tweaks like adding in characters and whatnot.  For now, I'm just happy to be playing!

@gIL^ - it's dead in my area too.  I've been playing Kings of War just to scratch the itch so to speak.  But the second I put up a post saying I was looking for a Kings of War or a 9th Age game, I had locals PMing me to try out the 9th Age.  It's not a huge community in my area yet but it's growing back up one game at a time!

Hmm.  Looking these over I might consider it.  I haven't played WHFB since 2006 (probably 7th ed.).  Got fed up with having to relearn the rules all the time... Pirate

Would give it a try if I find some players.  Don't think my current gaming group is interested.  Their current stance is why play a 4 hour game with 1500 points a side when you can play 3K pts a side of KoW in less time (granted part of that is familiarity with the rules).  I half agree, the depth of strategy is a little less developed, but the massive games are still a blast.
Is 9th Age going to continue as a pure "tweaking rules every now and then" or are there plans to do the sweeping changes like GW did every few years? While I would like the former in that I don't want to relearn the rules, there are still several areas where GW dropped the ball and never fixed. For now I'm sticking with 7th ed just because it is most familiar to me and my armies haven't really been updated since then.

I guess if GW have been keeping a legal hammer option open until now, this would be the time they spring it, even if it has no real force in law.
In my area 9th age at least motivates people who hid their armies in their cupboards 2015.  A lot of vetererans coming back and tournament participation is steadily growing.
Key will be to get really "new" players as well not just old ones coming back.

As far as I understand the nature of the game will be kept and rules changes will be mostly for balance and smoothness and adding additional units.

I also tried KoW and X-Wing but that didn`t satisfy me. That are totally different kind of games.
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