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Full Version: Using Chaos Dwarfs in Frostgrave
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I'm seriously considering getting into Frostgrave and I would love to use some of my big hat Chaos Dwarf models to make a warband.

I was thinking of using Astragoth and the regular CD sorcerer as the wizard and apprentice. The remaining eight warriors would be a mix of Chaos Dwarf champions and perhaps a couple of Hobgoblins.

As I understand it, the game only has rules for human characters, so I would simply give my CD warband human stats. Has anyone else played the game with dwarf minis and would they recommend it?
I haven't played it yet, but do have the rulebook, so I can confirm that yes, there are only profiles for human war bands at present, but there's nothing stopping you using dwarf minis if you wish.  Simply look at the choices and think which would match up with your minis best and use those (eg an Infernal Guard champion would probably work as a knight, a hobgoblin would work as a ruffian, a troll slayer would work as a barbarian, etc).
Frostgrave really doesn't say too much about races at all. There's some really cool warbands out there to any kind of race. I've seen a warband done from giants (ogre-ish in size) and they just use the same stats anyhow.

I'll be making a CD warband as well (though I have a human one right now).

Thug: Hobgolin with handweapon
Thief: Sneaky git with only one dagger
Dog: Chaos Warhound
Infantryman: Big Hat w. 2 handed weapon or a black orc.
Men-at-arms: CD with hw/S
Archer: Hobgoblin
Crossbow: Either a big hat blunderbuss or a 2nd/3rd ed crossbow dwarf
Barbarian: Russian Alternative bezerker or savage orc
Knight: Admirals coming "stricken dwarf".
Apothecary: Admirals coming priestess
Packmule: Normal goblin with all manner of bags, sacks - Admiral has one coming as well.
JAvelineer: Oglah Khans hobgoblin with raised spear converted to foot.

No reason at all why a cool CD warband shouldn't be possible.

The beauty of frostgrave is that there's no race/culture bonus/minus. Makes it simpler to remember, helps keep balance and allows maximum hobby freedom.
Admirals petrified sorcerer works well for a medium construct or a wizard as well. And K'daii Fireborn could easily be a cool Larger Demon.
Thanks for the replies guys. I wasn't sure if I'd have enough variety with my big hat models to cover the range of troops available in Frostgrave. Sounds like it might be doable though.
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