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Full Version: Artisan's Contest XIX
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"Beyond lofty mountains in far-away parts lie the hazardous and infamous Dark Lands, like flayed flesh amid the wrinkled skin of the world. The world's hard crust is thin here, and amid all the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions it does not take much for the earth's surging guts to burst through it in showers of ash, flame and molten rock. Such a volcanic environment rich in minerals embedded in the ground would at first seem the ideal place for life to thrive, as are so many other volcanic landscapes around the world where sentient dwellers eat the rich fruits beneath the fiery mountains in-between divine outbursts of elemental destruction.

Yet the Dark Lands are anything but an idyll. Some say the very air is poisoned, others blame the water for shunning its wastelands out of fear. Others still claim the Dark Lands to be heinously cursed, for what else could leave it such a raw realm of leagues upon leagues of dreadful devastation? What else but an unholy curse could account for the ashen landscapes and foul storms which seek to strangle every ounce of life out of the ravaged Dark Lands? It is a nightmare location wracked by ash and flames, poisoned by sulphur and tar, and choked by black smoke beneath stormy skies. Truly, it has become hell on earth wherever the only imperial power to stand the test of time has put its mark upon the Dark Lands, for the mortal slavers and torturers known as the Chaos Dwarfs will gouge out the landscape in their greed, and leave nought behind but utter devastation.

Even so, life finds a way, even here, where sun and moons but rarely will shine through the polluted clouds. The Dark Lands are harsh, and so are all its lifeforms. Hardy without exception, bristling with thorns and poisons where plant life and fungi are concerned, and little else but ravenous killers in case of the beasts which roam these hostile landscapes. While sinewy herbivores such as goats and aurochs claw a living out of the defiant growth of the land, even they will turn into carrion-eaters and cannibals when necessary. No carcass is left untouched for long in the Dark Lands. Here, many creatures feed off each other, or hunt stragglers from the nomadic Greenskin tribes in the dark of night. They hunt alone, or they hunt in packs, such as the Giant Wolves are wont to do. Some are freaks of nature, others twisted into abominations by millenia of industrial pollution, alchemical filth and sorcerous residue spewed out from Mingol Zharr-Naggrund the Great and all her holdings. Others still are monsters, hulking and savage, clawed and fanged,  ever searching for blood and flesh, and who will balk at nothing to sate their ravenous hunger amid the ash and the fire and the desolation.

Such is the nature of plants and wildlife in the Dark Lands.

These are some of its denizens."

Chaos Dwarfs Online Presents: Artisan's Contest XIX!

Flora and Fauna of the Dark Lands

The goal here is to make some plants and animals of the Dark Lands, in the wild! People can enter with any number of models or terrain pieces. As long as they contain animals (some might be monsters) and plant life/fungi.

There are to be no living humanoid creatures (such things as killed Greenskins, torn apart in feeding frenzy, are however allowed), no armoured or armed creatures and no ridden monsters. This is to be the wild stuff, before being captured or enslaved.

There may be ruins in the entry, but these should be shown in a state where some crazy plants have taken over the place completely.

For this contest, entrants are allowed to play around with the entries. As such, you may use sand, earth, terrarium backgrounds and the like. Don't hesitate to put the creepy, crawly monsters on a real display! The landscape setting could be the gross, polluted mud by the river banks; tar pits; the dry ashen wastes; aside bubbling magma pits; the subtropical marshes down south; or even up in the cold, hard peaks of the mountains surrounding the Dark Lands.

Go wild! Your entry could contain anything from big ash scorpions; vultures; Orc-eating, half-starved lions; magmatubers; venomshrooms; or bloodsucking thornbushes.


Grimstonefire has been kind enough to donate this unpainted evil dwarf hero with a great axe as a prize for the gold winner!

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM Admiral or Bloodbeard and they will sort it out with you and the Staff.


The deadline for the submission of entries is June 16th 2016 at 11:59pm EST.

Rules of the Competition

Each member may only enter once.

Model and paint creatures and plantlife which you think are appropriate to the Dark Lands, complete with background displays should you wish it.

Bases or no bases are up to you.

Submissions should include four pictures. No overlaid words of explanation or photoshop effects in your submitted photos please.

You may not submit pictures of a model that have been entered into other online competitions or posted in a finished state before.

Don't post your entries in the forum before the contest is over.

See also the General Rules & Guidelines.

How to Enter?

Submit your entry by sending a PM to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to) with four photos of your entry. Please do not send an e-mail to any of the admin or staff accounts as this is a sure fire way to have your entry missed.

Please note that your entry will benefit if the photos are all clearly composed, since voters will base their judgement upon what they can see in the pictures on their computer screens.

How will this be judged?

Sometime after June 16th we will post all entries to a new thread and voting can commence!

Good luck everyone!
The Staff

Admiral Wrote:
The goal here is to make some plants and animals of the Dark Lands, in the wild! People can enter with any number of models or terrain pieces.


Rules of the Competition

Each member may only enter once.

I think there's a small copy/paste mistake. Or did I misunderstood ? Is it one entry with lots of different pieces or each piece count as an entry ?

Interesting theme !
I'm not sure how I can enter and make it useful for my army, but I could have a try.
Good luck everyone !

Sounds interesting ... really have no idea yet! Unsure

I have to seach a little bit in the wide world of the internet! Big Grin

@Kamphre: What Dînadan said. Your one entry with 4 pictures can contain e.g. a pack of wolves, a ravenous spawn monster, a sludge ooze beast, bloodsucking reed and poisonous fungi. It could be a veritable army of the wild, so to speak, if someone would want to go full-hilt.

Also, these oddball things are often more useful than not in special scenarios. With packs of predators, it's full possible to throw in them as random movement neutrals roaming about at the flanks in scenarios, ready to gulp down small screening units. Or even have a scenario centerpiece monster made for this contest, and use it to spice up scenarios with something utmost lethal. Balance? Eh. Fun? Hell yeah!

And terrain is always useful. Tar pits, magma pool, dangerous thornbushes/fungi or charred trees will all add to the Dark Lands flavour of one's scenery.

The sky is the limit. Takes Hat off
No rest for the wicked. I have been enjoying having my brain in neutral.
Great theme and good building everyone
At first, I wasn't too thrilled by this theme... thinking from the point of view of hoping for a deadline excuse to paint more units up for an army... I always work better and faster under a deadline... but then quite an interesting idea popped into my head... will see if I have time and inclination to execute it...
Regarding humanoids: Here is a slim grey border zone because of monkeys, many of whom are quite humanoid in the real world. Gorillas and such creatures are of course welcome, while neither Trolls nor Greenskins of any type are allowed (even though they are beneath bestial in the eyes of the Dawi Zharr). If you've got an idea for a primitive, non-sentient bipedal lifeform for your entry, please PM me or Bloodbeard, and we'll check the plan beforehand with you to make sure it meets the spirit of the contest.

However, to stay wild and stay away from sentience; tools and artificial weapons of any kind aren't allowed, even though real-world chimpanzees in particular stand as an example of a tool-using animal.

Good luck, everyone! Happy
10 days left to go. Are you born to be wild?
Frgrk... Sigh.  Unsure Sad  I'm out then.  For some reason I read the deadline as June 16th, not sure why, must have just glanced at the date.  I won't have a moment to spare for this until the 13th lol.  Was planning on 4 days of crunch to get it done.  Such is life.  Ill log on and vote when the judging comes up.
@Jackswift.  That's sad.

I might actually beat the deadline this time and not rush at the end
@Fuggit Khan: Witness him!

@Jackswift: Darn! I hope we'll get to see your planned entry finished sometime anyway.

Given the general summer lull in people's indoor hobby activities, and the small little theme of this contest, I think it not out of place to impartially ask:

Do other entrants need a few extra days as well to be able to participate?

Should there be wider demand, it will be brought up in Staff.

I'll make an entry for the contest. The elf will have to wait a little while.
I should be fine but if any others need more time, go for it.
Very well, June the 16th it is, given the summer hobby lull and small theme of the contest 4 days more is acceptable. Make the best of the extra time, and see you at the voting.

Zharrassic Park awaits! Takes Hat off
This is a cool idea for a competition.  If I were still living at my old place I would have entered for sure, but no time or raw materials handy I'm afraid.

Still, I'm excited to see what people imagine here.

Something that may inspire someone quickly, I wrote a bit of fluff years ago about a regenerating forest.  Afterall, if the CD are burning everything in sight for miles around there's not going to be any trees left.  Being in the dark lands of course my forest was pure evil and even had chaos treemen I think.


Btw, whoever wins this I'd love to see some painted pics of my model I had cast. Wink
Awesome!   Thanks very much for the extra time.  Im back in then and will do my best starting on the 13th to make a worthy piece.  Cheers!
Entry submitted. Go go go!

@Grimstonefire: I'd be very interested to see your take on this theme sometime, whether or not for contest.

Neat idea with a regenerating Chaos wood including malignant treemen. I also lean toward there being thickets of forests and shrubbery scattered about many parts of the Dark Lands. Rarely any large forest cover, and many times wrecked by volcanic eruption, monster activity or simple Greenskin marauding, but definitely there. You need to get wood from somewhere, after all.

Agreed, I hope we'll see him painted up following this competition. Happy
It has been a bit of a horror week for me with work, so I'm thankful for the deadline extension now.
Last day to enter!
Yep, without that extension I would have been very hard pressed to get my entry.  But it is, so thank you.
Just submitted.  Crazy RUSH to get it done, and my evening is booked so had to finish last night.  The extension was very much appreciated!
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