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Hi all, just posting here to let the world know that we exist!

The goblin bodies, arms, heads and ears (yes that’s right, ears!) are all fully interchangeable between miniatures and the two variant rodent mounts (whose heads and legs are even interchangeable) have also been designed with options in mind for future expansions into other stereotypical fantasy races on the horizon....

Our first set of sculpts will (currently…)give you 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64 different variants! (128 if you count the leg swaps on the rats!)

Mitosis miniatures is all about increasing your spending power. Our miniatures will be available cast in resin direct from us at typical retail prices BUT if you are the type of gamer who wants to field horde armies of epic proportions, our licensing options might be much more cost effective for you in the long run.

There are two flavours of the reproduction license that are available:

Personal Use

If you are in need of large numbers of a model than you can get the Personal Use Reproduction License and produce copies of the model! Just make a mould and off you go!

Commercial Licence

If you’ve always wanted to get into the business of selling your own miniatures our options for Commercial Licensing are considerably cheaper when you consider we have taken many of the most expensive and time consuming elements of the process out of the equation for you. All you will need to do is buy the physical masters from us or alternatively use the digital files to print your own. After that all you have to do is have some moulds made and produce the models, or just pay someone to deal with that process too.

So, whether you plan to cast in your garden shed so you can show off your unit of 200 Rat Riders to your mates or if you have more ambitions plans of becoming the next Big Thing, we hope our options can do a little to helping you along the way.

We are approaching this venture with such flexibility that we will even be offering you individual sprues as part of your agreements so for instance you could pick the rights to reproduce just the rat mounts and couple them up with riders of your own creation or with other alternate fantasy rider variants we plan to produce in the future.

We hope to release details soon of when we will be launching the Kickstarter for these blighters.

Follow us at for all the latest news!
Goblins on rats.  Very nice take on them. Thanks for sharing
Just a quick update on the Goblyn Rat Pack... We thought you might like to see the separate components in all their glory, behold customizable Goblyn Ears!!!

Looks awesome! Thanks.
I don't much like 'em, to be honest. They're really nicely sculpted, with lots of detail, but something about them just screams computer-designed to me. I think it's the poses, seem a little unalive, amongst others the goblin torso that doesn't flex.
Hi all, we thought you’d like to see a graphics preview ahead of the kickstarter so you can get a better picture of your purchasing options.

The nifty little icons relate to the key below, prices are still being determined and commercial licenses will have a separate menu.

Love them, looking forward to the kickstarter
It's a shame that the arm variants are essentially identical apart from the slight arm bend. A bit of variation in the bow wrappings would have been nice. It's almost pointless to have different ones.
We are pleased to announce the official Kickstarter launch date of July 6th!

We hope you will join us in making this project a success Happy
What kind of kickstarter is this? All 1 £ pledges plus 5 commercial licenses for 500£+ ? Do you want to sell miniatures? Do you want to sell commercial licenses for this miniature to 5 different companies? Why should a company buy a commercial licence for one niche miniature, when 4 other companies have the same license?

The miniatures look nice, but the kickstarter doesn't make any sense to me.

How to pledge non-commercial:
1.) Decide what kind of license you want ...

I'll take a crack at deciphering if you like.

So if I was to pledge for this KS, I would chose the £1 pledge for my personal needs since I'm not planning on reproducing his stuff for profit. I can then add an amount of money based on what I want.

For example, he offers fully casted and produced x2 models for £16. The Little Cube means "physical copy" they will send me. The No Entry symbol means "no reproduction".

Let's say you have access to a 3D printer. This means you might want to print your own instead of buying physical copies. Perhaps you want just the heads for conversions. If that's the case, you pay either £2.50, £8, or £5.  The £2.50 option gets me 2 physical heads and no reproduction rights. So that's useless if I want to make my own. The £8 option gets me a physical product I can recast. I'm terrible at that, and we've already been talking access to 3D printer. The £5 option gives me a digital file I can put into my printer to produce. It also gives me the license to reproduce the heads for my personal, non-profit/commercial use.

The same applies for everything else they are offering. You can get a physical copy to recast, a physical copy to love and cherish, or digital files to produce your own as many times as you want. That is what the £1 pledge option is really for. The "flexibility" to choose what you want. If you intend to resell their productions, then you need the commercial option at £500+.
We are now live on Kickstarter and ever so close to being funded!
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