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Looks like a good list and a great choice of miniatures (almost the same as I'm using, haha) good luck with the project, I can't wait to watch it develop.

I always balk at seeing blue but I use it myself all the time.

Murkwood Wrote:
It's Royal Purple.. it does look like a Midnight Blue. It'll look more purple after highlights Happy

Yep. It does look much better.  I've used Necron Abyss on stuff and it comes out very blue in photos

Nicely painted and good colour scheme. Plus i really like the RA miniatures!
Solid and striking colour scheme. I agree with Jackswift regarding the axe. Good start on your army!
Good start on the Infernal Dwarf regiment and promising first steps on the Dragon Fire Teams! Great concept and a strike for recycling in wasteful Dawi Zharr society. I've no idea as to the belt buckle piece. Is it just a cogwheel or token of profession, or could it be some arcane engineering instrument?

Perhaps it could be worth modelling sorcerous powers leaping from one hand on the Daemonsmith statue handler? Or at least paint a glow emanating from the flat of the handler's outstretched hand (and/or in his eyes). How about purple glow, mimicked by purple-glowing eyes on the statue to signify heinous magical control, with normal/natural red-orange-yellow fire for the firebull and staff flame? Other colours than purple could of course be used, like green or light blue. No glow in the eyes would convey a dead stone look better, though. You could also make use of some spare space on one or more of the teams' bases by having a sacrificial victim lying in a pool of its own blood, or burning, or having something else entirely (like an attendant slave fanning his Daemonsmith master).

As for paintjobs, black and gold sound good and muted, and will serve to mark out the Infernal Guard as shamed and exiled, obviously far below the status of the opulent and hat-crowned freemen warriors donned in luxurious purple. A bit like Dwarf Slayers have a completely different look from the rest of the uncorrupted Dwarf army. Purple would still work well, of course, and bind them in with your army. Perhaps a compromise, with black-gold armour, and purple-gold shields to mark their owner?

Whatever you do, I look forward to the next update!
great idea.  a tank of fuel maybe and be sure to differentiate the difference, when you paint them, between the live dwarf and the flame throwing construct.  That should negate most of the confusion
And maybe a small wheeled card under him for maneuvering.
Very nice! I cannot help but think that some bright little spot on the helmets would liven up the unit,  but on the other hand that's just the impression you'd want these exiled warriors to give. Imprisoned within their armours, their dark faceless figure stands in contrast to the opulent big hat freemen.
Very interesting.
You should have kept this secret for the actual Golden Hat ! Wink
Very nice overmaster !
Sweet combination of miniatures there! Looking forward to see it painted.
Try the verdigris.  The best way I've seen someone do is just a watered down Hawk Turquoise. Only a little in the bronze joins should do it.
Very nice idea, actually brilliant.  Polluted Lava, now that has brought a smile to my face.
your dragon is great. I really liked it
Hey you are a real Lizard King ... awesome! Takes Hat off

Btw. the model is great too! Cheers!

I think this is the first mention of anyone getting any XMas loot.
And I really like the new use you've found for the big Rats.
I have no help for you you about the resin due to little actual experience with it. there is bound to be something that they would make you pay for it.

Does your kickstarter model have a tentacle coming out the back of its right shoulder?
That Pantheon of Chaos fig is pretty sweet. I really liked the stuff they did, and with the option to get all metal models.  Did you get any of the other models from that kickstart?
The flock of gargoyles does look great.   Very cohesive looking on the movement base which is looking good too
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