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Full Version: Heresy era Thousand Son spotted
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Very Nice.

One of my seldom played 40K armies that sits dormant in it's case. Might have to break them out again and make some progress... in my dwindling and mostly non-existent spare time.
I'm willing to bet that this is going to be from the rumoured Sons vs Puppy box set that's supposed to be coming as a sequel to Betrayal at Calth.

Question is will the other marines in the box also be Legion specific or will they be generic like in B@C.  I'm kinda hoping generic so that I don't have to split the box with someone/flog the puppies on eBay, but that might be less likely than having them legion specific like the characters (presumably if there's a TS character it'd also have a Space Wolf specific character).
I heard about a plastic Kharn, possibly even here on CDO.

That is a lovely model.  I am tempted by pre and post heresy Thousand Sons actually (or more specifically the terminators and sorcerers of post heresy).
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