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Full Version: Hod finally paints his Chaos Dwarfs - Purple Tutorial Pg. 8, Face Tutorial Pg. 9
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Beatiful dwarfs. I have faith that you will paint some awesome dawi zharr friend! Looking forward to see them!
Prefer the last two concepts, but I think Id go for the right one. Should look sweet!
Fantastic paint job. Very clean, as I like it. I love also the reformed CD. Even if Hashut will punish him for his horrible betraial!!!
Id much prefer the yellow one...
Great effect!
Beatifully painted! Looking forward to see even more Happy
Brilliant! It's one of the best color schemes for the good old big hats I've ever seen. And I've seen many Wink
Awesome paintjob! Shock

I'm a little bit jealous about your skills! Wink

I'm eager to see a whole army painted in this quality! Cheers!


Malorndk Wrote:
That is well painted but really weird. I'm not sure I like it

Jupp, my words exactly... Happy

Amazing stuff again and again. Keep working. I'm pretty curious to seethe final result with the BullCentaur. I will give my feedback only when completed. Very interesting.
Your paintjob (esp. the Bull Centaur) is just amazing! Takes Hat off

Like your style a lot! Cheers!

Amazing entry here.

I am one of the few persons do not like the miniature, not my cup of tea. But the paint job is flawless and excellent choice of colors. Prize is really well deserved.

Stunning work! To make a smooth GS surface I recommend a "clay shaper".
Looks great, love the style!
Amazing Bull centaur skin. I love it!
Fan-friggintastic painting. Colors are so vibrant. Wow.

Slavemaster Hod Wrote:

BigHatsBestHats Wrote:
I want to see your work on a Great Taurus with Lord model. Any chance of that happening?

I don't have one right now, but might possibly pick one up in the future. They're expensive little buggers and I got enough CD goodness to keep me occupied for a few years, so I wouldn't expect it in the near future. I also have found that I don't like the bigger models as much. The surfaces are just too big - and scary. I'm thinking of getting an airbrush some time in the next year or so, maybe then I'll be more into the bigger models. I have a Tir-Na-Bor chariot that I've had sitting around - half completed - for literally four years. It's looking at me right now. I need to be quiet.

Naaaahhhh you'll be fine. You have some awesome painting skills.

Awesome, some of the best Chaos Dwarfs ever seen. Do not be scared, your big monsters will be ace! Come on, do not behave like an hobgoblin, you're a dwarf, for Hashut's sake! (old dwarf grumpling) Sorcerer
How goes it Hod? Time for an update? Happy
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