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Full Version: Warhammer Total War News
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Total War Warhammer II incoming.

Races confirmed so far: Lizardmen, High Elves, Dark Elves, Skaven.
Confirmed Legendary Lords: Tyrion, Malekith, Lord Mazdamundi.
New Maps: Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, the Southlands.
Plot: Centered upon the magic vortex in Ulthuan, which apparently will influence campaign mechanics.

NOTE: If the Southlands are going to be included then the Tomb Kings are missing. I am sure they will be included as a new DLC or something.
Also, according to the Total War FB page,
Shortly after release there's going to be free DLC to link the new campaign map to the one from the first game if you own both games.

As for Tomb Kings being missing, so would Arabay.  Maybe they'll also see release as future DLC or at the very least be a non-playable race? Big Grin. And if not I expect it won't be long before a fan mod is coded by someone and put up on the fanmod DLC section of Steam Happy

Any ideas which races/maps will be in the Third and final game?  Only places that will be left unmapped if Southlands, Nehekara and Arabay are in this one will be the Darklands, Mountains of Mourn and further east.  Does this mean there's a good chance of Chaos Dwarfs being in the third game? Big Grin. If so, I hope they go with the big hat design for them and not make them all like the Legion of Azorgh.  And depending on how far east the map goes, is there a chance of seeing Cathay and Nippon?  (Shouldn't take them too much work to add those in as the bulk of the units for the latter could just be ported from their Shogun game so they'd really just need to add in a couple of Fantasy elements to it.  And at worst (assuming there's not a Chinese army in Shogun or one of its expansions) Cathay could be a reskinned Empire I guess).  Oh and Ind (if there's no suitable Indian army in one of the historic TW games, and Arabay is in the second game/one of its expansion then I guess the could use one of those as the basis for it).  Would be truly epic to be able to wage war across the entirety of the Warhammer World (well, sans the South Chaos Wastes/polar region and the northernmost parts of the North Chaos Wastes/pole)
We're still missing Chaos Dwarfs (Azgorh could be a subfaction, like Clan Angrund), Ogres and Daemons of Chaos. Maybe they are DLC in the second game, and the third game is really just about the end times Wink
Can anyone clarify this for me:
Is this a new game with new graphics, changed mechanics and other races, or more like and expansion, completely separated map wise from the original, but with the same overall look, commands and mechanics?

Malorndk Wrote:
Can anyone clarify this for me:
Is this a new game with new graphics, changed mechanics and other races, or more like and expansion, completely separated map wise from the original, but with the same overall look, commands and mechanics?

Graphics stays the same, but the new game offers new mechanics, races, and maps. At the same time, Warhammer II can be linked with the first chapter to wage war throughout the whole Warhammer World with the old campaign mechanics. In addition, CA said that some of the races from the first game will appear in the new game too (I´d wager the Vampire Coast, Empire settlers, Beastmen/Orc/Chaos invaders, etc).

I have a feeling that our beloved CDs are not going to be included until the final Warhammer III: Chaos. It makes sense, they are Chaos Dwarfs. But where does that leave the Ogres? Is there any lore of Ogres in the Southlands? That seems like it would make the most sense for just grouping of races in their I, II, and III.
Ogres are all over the world as mercs, but I don't think they have any notable settlements outside the Ogre Kingdoms except for one of the Empire provinces (think it's either Ostland or Ostermark that has a sizeable Ogre population), so I think it's likely they won't show up until the third game (assuming the third game expands the map eastward)
Nuuh, CA will include the Mountains of Mourn when they´ll tackle the Ogres, for every race has a unique campaign starting point, and I don´t see the fatties starting anywhere than the Mountains of Mourn. As a consequence, the Dark lands will be included as well, and if you include the Dark Lands you must include the Plain of Zharr too.

That being said, rumors have it that the 3rd game will be chaos centered, although it will feature 4 different chaos armies (1 for each god). Whether these armies are going to be Daemonic, Mortal, Bestial, or a mix of the three it is not known. So... I see CA releasing Tomb Kings as the first DLC for Warhammer Total War II, and maybe (maybe) Ogres and CDs as the 2nd and 3rd. After all, the first game saw 3 races being added from a starting roster of 5, so this would be perfectly feasible. Now, please take these statements with a grain of salt. These are all rumors which I am not even sure of, and my personal ideas!

Anyway, somewhere somebody said that CA is going to release Chaos Dwarfs in the future. And if you look at the Hellcannon crew they went for the distinctive Legion of Azgorh look, with shaved upper lips, horns, and headwear style... We will see when time comes I guess!
Awesome i am very glad they continue to develop this game. I have all dlcs except wood elves and have been looking forward to yet more Happy
Although i wouldnt hold my breath for chaos dwarfs. It would be really awesome if they included them but i have my doubts about it.
Norsca is the next race coming for Total War Warhammer. Wulfrik and Throgg are going to be the Legendary Lords, and they are going to have access to Mammoths (yep), Skinwolves, and... Fimir! Check the trailer out:
If a separate faction is released for Norsca, then a future Chaos Dwarf release is almost guaranteed as long as Total Warhammer continues raking in money. The Norscans are most welcome and look great! Smart move including Fimir and Skinwolves here, and obviously also Mammoths. I wonder if Hobgoblins further east and Hung will get released as well down the line?
I think that the most important thing that this release proves is that the contract between CA and GW is much more "free" than what the community had expected. This release confirms that CA has A LOT of wiggle room to flesh out factions like Kislev or Araby, who were never released as standalone races or just as tiny supplements in ages past.

Also, Mammoths, Skinwolves, and Fimirs are all Forgeworld models... This means that (as you said) the chances of seeing a Chaos Dwarfs release are heightened.
Indeed. This is phenomenal! They're going to cover fringe stuff we've always wanted to see! As to Warhammer Fantasy, CA will provide us our main newest taste of its world for some years to come. Takes Hat off
Really sweet. Currently on a legendary campain as dwarfs. But i miss chaos dwarfs. Beastmen are fun also! Looking forward to nummer 2
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