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Full Version: Fate of Konor
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So it seems Gw is not done with global campaigns just yet.

This is the summer campaign this year

What I find especially interesting is that people can contribute just by painting armies!?  Got me intrigued.
It's a fun concept, so regardless of how false and unbalanced the reporting is,  summer campaigns is a great way to inject some life by a common narrative for thousands of people. Could be especially appropriate to AoS, too, given its vast nigh endless universe akin to 40k. It's always great to get nifty illustrations, artwork, background and special armies/units for summer campaigns! Wulfen, Teutogen Guard, Doomseekers... The list goes on. If this aspect of the summer campaign carries on, it'll preserve much of its pull. Although with the move away from metal and resin, it might be more difficult nowdays.

Here's hoping WHFB returns in some form, with more summer campaigns... (Not to say Silmarillion Lotr campaigns, legal issues ignored.)
They did an AoS one with this format last year.
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