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Full Version: 07-29-2017 Uthers Legions of Hashut
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I really like them, after having such a unique community for so long it's hard to get 'firsts' anymore but got to say that's the first time I've seen an Orc head as a Chaos Dwarf and I really like it

Takes Hat off
Pretty cool and original conversions, well done! Happy
Original! Are orks the base for all conversions?
Too bad about that Lego collection though... Tongue

Helblindi Wrote:
Looks good! I especially like the limousine vibe on your Iron Daemon, but it hurts my brain that the front and back wheels will always turn in opposite direction Shock

"Trust me, i'm an engineer!"

Very nice conversions anyway!

Hah, maybe a bit too high tech for my taste with the mono wheel Bullcentaurs. Tongue But I guess it would fit with better with the new AoS themes. But I have to say that you've got some really cool concepts here and original ideas, great work!
This is one crazy blog, I love it!!
Very different ideas, those Bull Centaurs are great and those Dawoids Shock

The Blunderbuss look like a very cool unit, again great conversions, very inspiring Takes Hat off
Oh, those flying hats... Haha... Why didn't I come up with that idea when I had an army. Big Grin Takes Hat off
Just gets better and better!

The heli-hats are great and the boar Centaurs a lovely throw back to my favourite era but those 'khans' as wild west riders... Brilliant! They look so good and again I love the idea,  forgive me in advance but I may need to steal that one Wink

Great stuff Cheers!
Ah yes I remember that guy, cigar in Mouth? Older days made some great dwarf minis, do some pretty cool mini nowdays, I'm sure there's a cool dwarf pirate in there some where Happy

Look forward to seeing what you come up with
Hehe, a CD Tie Fighter! Tongue

Uther the unhinged Wrote:
...and its pilot the lord Vayduk aka Daft Vayduk

There is something about this picture that seems.... familiar, "I sense something. A presence I've not felt since..."

Oh oh, looks like the word is out...

Love the bombshell idea, love the Star Wars tie in altogether
Hahaha... Takes Hat off
Flying legion is getting ranks filled up. The repurpose looks good! Less "tech" and more arcane than the previous Walkurs.

Uther the unhinged Wrote:
and the counts as Iron clad. This is in its very early stages and top secret. NO ONE must get the plans

“Impressive. Most impressive.”


This one properly freaked freaked me out Shock those heads man, they are like something from IT

Great stuff, scary as hell Takes Hat off
Madness... In a good way. Happy
Great job, so creative! This is nightmare stuff...
The army must be huge by now?

Uther the unhinged Wrote:
...few ideas here as yet nut I see skeleton masked Tjublings +command as counts as nurglings. Not sure for Flamebringers ( possibly converted/dwarfified) mantic lower abyssals No idea for drones or greater daemon may go for counts as Horticulois with mini volcanoes lava pools as counts as feculent gnarlmaws then ..... who knows... Zharr Vuxaa perhaps

Haha, Tjublings as Nurgling! Great idea, all of them. Once you go Chaos Dwarf it is hard to stop, I know... Cheers!

Oh what a tantalising update, can't wait to see these snails progress, I've always wanted to do a Nurgle CD army so for now I shall have to live it through your blog Takes Hat off
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