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Full Version: Gotrek and felix series.
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Does anyone have any of the main series of books that would be prepared to help me out with a little project?

I need descriptions from the books.

I have pretty much every book, but long story short they are packed away.
I have in my possesion 3 tomes which i think are all books.
What do you need?  Respect to the Hat!
So I've been getting back into my art in a big way recently, and I have a plan for a very large piece of art involving G&F.

It's basically going to be them surrounded by one of every enemy they've fought (Up to Kinslayer).  Circling around my plan:

Witch Elf, Chaos Troll, Fire wizard, Dwarf Lord, Bloodthirster, Bray Shaman, Chaos Warlord, Vampire lord, Beastlord, zombie, skaven, Orc Big Boss.  Standing on a Dragon wing, and with a Giant's hand in the picture.  I may swap around the vampire and fire wizard, as having a troll next to a fire wizard is a bit silly?

But I need to know a few things to make it more accurate:

Which side does felix generally fight on, left or right?
Which eye is gotrek's patch (as it seems to swap on the black library covers sometimes if they flip it).

Which books do you have as I make have a few specific questions.

Somehow I interpreted your request as for Asterix and Obelix books so post no 3 had me confused for a little bit.
I'll check which books we have too
I think i have all the books! I dont think they actually specify which side Felix generally fights at. Perhaps its best to look at covers and go with the one hes standing at most.
Can remember which eye but there usually is a short description at the start of each book i think.
I can look into this tonight when i get home.
the covers of Troll, Skaven, Daemon, Dragon, Beast, Vampire, Elf, and Omnibus no 3 all have Goatrek's left Eye covered and mostly have Felix standing to the left and slightly behind.  Vampire and Zombie have Felix to Goatrek's right.
Zombie though has Goatrek's patch on his Right eye.
That's what I'm going to go with then.
Pics I found look consistently like eye patch left and Felix to the right, but in a fight there is no fixed position I guess:

Good illustration picks, Firehammer. It is also possible that some odd cover art got reversed/swapped over/what's-it-called, so that the eye patch looks to be on the wrong side on the cover but was in actuality painted on the correct side in the original artwork.
So a small update here.  I've finished doing the big bit of art I've been working on (which I will show a picture of here eventually), it's not Warhammer related.

I did have a plan for my third canvas, but I'm going to be doing this Gotrek and Felix thing instead!!!!

I've sketched out the Orc Warboss and the Beastlord quite roughly, next up I'll do the skaven gutter runner if I can figure out the legs/ feet, then the zombie.  

I'm aware for many of these I could and should be making them more representative of the specific named characters in the book.  However, without these books to hand I'll go with fairly representative looks for each species.
Sounds very cool. Big Grin
I'm getting close now

Think I'll paint the bloodthirster first.
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