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Full Version: Scribe's Contest X - Winners!
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Winners of Scribe's Contest X: The True Nature of the Father of Darkness

"For the truth shall crush ye..."

Just like all the other rounds, we had a splendid turn-out of entries, with submissions spanning from fragmented texts through poems to campfire talk. The tenth Scribe's Contest had a lot to bring to the table, from corrupted Ancestor Gods to baleful secrets of Chaos. The voting was even with votes received by all entries, and the slimmest of margins deciding the winners. It was great to see such tales written upon dry parchment! No doubt the texts were all written in spilt blood with trembling hands, or carved into the skulls of foes. Takes Hat off

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winners!

Entry #4: Abecedar  (1st)

Father in Darkness

Lord Z’Lenn trudged into the tunnels, his bodyguards trailing behind. The walk was shorter than it once had been. The struggle against chaos had raged for years, the fighting constant, sapping their numbers and assailing their will.

Those on guard saluted him and left, visibly weary. As Z’Lenn settled in for his vigil, the space began to darken as it had many times before. He extended his senses, attempting to find the source. He knew something was there, but again could not define it. The presence coalesced and Z’Lenn drew his power in, he had waited for this chance to confront this thing. He projected his will and demanded. “Who are you?!”

Silence surrounded Z’Lenn; as a hiss prickled at the back of his neck;

His answer was a cascade of hot breath, exhaled from all around him.
>>“I am your saviour”<<
“I can save myself”
>>“No you cannot. Believe in me, I can save you”<<

The voice echoed away and the awareness of encroaching chaos returned. Masses of mutated beings streaming towards him. He unleashed bright clean fire and they burned, he shot clear white lightning and they fried, but multitudes kept coming. He felt his strength waning and knew that this time he couldn’t hold.

>>“I can help you.”<<
>>“Believe in me. Do Fire, like this.”<<
Z’Lenn sent fire, dark fire in a thousand shades of blood.
>>“Worship me. Do lightning like this.”<<
Z’Lenn sent lightning, black shards reflecting darkness.
>>“Exalt in me. Do this. Like this.”<<
Z’Lenn released chains of dark fire and darker lightning and the demons fell down, bound.

Z’lenn looked at the darkness and believed.
Z’lenn bowed to the darkness and worshipped it.
“Who are you? He asked again”
The Darkness replied,
>>“I am your Father”<<
Z’Lenn exalted in belonging.

Entry #3: Pappa Midnight (2nd)

A Flaming Load of Bull

“Evidential transcript number one. I submit to you the so-called song that the accused and co-conspirators performed on the steps of the Grand Ziggurat yesterday evening. They claim to be in a metal band, whatever that is.”

Faster than an Eldritch spell
You are terrifying, beautiful
Blazing, mighty Lord of Hell
And a flaming load of bull!

Master of Dawi Zharr pulling my chain
You’re twisting reality and opening doors
Blinded by you, I fight through the pain
Just say my name, then I’ll scream yours
Just say my name, then I’ll scream yours
A flaming load of bull!

A mighty daemon nestled between dead and alive
A fiery god-beast - no portents, no signs
Day of judgement, but will our prince arrive
Eventually, we’re all buried in the mines

When the mountain starts to crack, there’s no use turning back
'Cause I just had to see, was Hashut really watching me?
In the ash and mist reality twists
Was all this well, or just some kind of spell?
Just say my name, then I’ll scream yours
Where are you?

A flaming load of bull!
(Guitar Solo)

On the holy Plain of Zharr
Prophets raise the battle cry
Ten thousand foes come from afar
But do we pray to an empty sky?

A flaming load of bull!

Flaming bull…bull…bull, flaming bull..bull..bull ( Fade )

“As you can see, this vile blasphemy calls into question the very existence of our divine master! Have you anything to say for yourself, vile worm?”

Entry #8: MadHatter (3rd)

"Refered to as Arch-Daemons or Lesser Chaos Gods, to glimpse into the what is of the Father of Darkness, we look to these lesser Chaos Gods, such as Malal, the Horned Rat, Ans'l, Mo'rcck, Phraz-Etar, Necoho, Khorne's Urlf, Zuvassin, the weird Nuffle or even to the Dark Lord of Mordheim, first and last Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided, Be'lakor, who while not technically a Lesser God of Chaos schemed during the End Times to become the Fifth Ruinous Power by breaking through the Chaos Gate of Grimnir's Fortress Kazad Drengazi.

What these Lesser Deities of Chaos share is the channeling of powers (or possession of the virtues) belonging normally in the spectrum of the Ruinous Four. Maybe mostly accented in Urlf who even bestows the Mark and mutations of Khorne to his worshippers but surely even the Horned Rat is an amalgam of these four fundamental elements of Chaos, waxing primarily in Tzeentch's warpmagic and mutations as well as Nurgle's pestilence and multiplicity.

Hashut, the Father of Darkness, is The Shadow of the Flame that is Zharr-Naggrund, the Bull-God of the Chaos Dwarf. An amalgam waxing primarily in Khorne's strife, war and rage (The Father of Darkness is even portrayed as a red raging fiery bull), of Tzeentch's alchemical magic mixed with the ancient Dwarf arts of smithing and even into the black brilliance of the ecstasy, the wish to enslave and to dominate that belongs to Slaanesh, looming as a shadow beyond the obvious. Interesting enough with no visible traces of Nurglian influence, the Chaos Dwarfs are few and neither subject to decay or multiplicity, giving an alchemical meaning to the Fires of Hashut."

-Except from the forbidden
Alchemy of Chaos

1st Place - Gold Scribe Winner: Entry #4 - Abecedar
2nd Place - Silver Scribe Winner: Entry #3 - Pappa Midnight
3rd Place - Bronze Scribe Winner: Entry #8 - MadHatter

The Entry Key!
You can share your love for each entry (found here) by donating slaves to the owners of the entries!

01 - Uther the unhinged
02 – Jackswift
03 - Pappa Midnight
04 - Abecedar
05 - Admiral
06 - Ikkred Pyrhelm
07 – Enjoysrandom
08 -  MadHatter
09 - Roark

Slaves and medals are incoming! If you wonder how many votes your entry received, PM me.

And now for the Gold prize, from Admiralty Miniatures. The Gold winner receives one unpainted Four Reliefs Plate of Ancient Times (showcase sample painted by Enjoysrandom):

The winner will be contacted shortly via PM or E-mail.

A big "thanks" to everyone who participated and voted!

Let's see the entries in the blogs of everyone who entered. Also, please post them as new threads in the Stories and Background section of the CDO Forums. Wink

That concludes the tenth instalment of Scribe's Contest. It is a most valuable addition to the growing mass of Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin culture texts accumulated on CDO. Well done, everyone!

Next up: Err... Scribe's Contest again!

The Staff

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Congratulations guys! well done all around! we had allot of great entries! Takes Hat off
Congrats gentlemen!  Takes Hat off Very Well Done!  Abecedar, this one was well earned.   Your story was well crafted and one of my favorites in this round.  Some very interesting reads in this one and great adds to the CD scrolls.
Great round,  i  am impressed as always.
Heheh, once more a great spread of fantastic entries.

Many congrats to the winner-things! Happy
Well done Abecedar!
Thanks to all those who voted for me, the organisers and the other entrants!

Great works indeed, lads! Well deserved.
Well done to the winners, some good reads and ideas!
Congrats! And oh, that relief looks sweet painted...
I an chuffed big time with this win.  I didn't expect it.
Thanks to everyone who crafted, entered, read and voted.
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