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Full Version: Mantic Dwarf Steel Behemoth
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Mantic just released pics of this beast, Im sure it could be useful as a K'daii or something. Not sure how big of a fan I am myself, but its a cool model none the less! Takes Hat off

it would certainly convert easily into a chaos dwarf war machine! Big Grin
As a fan of low-tech Norse Dwarfs but hi-Daemontech Chaos Dwarfs, that steel monster is a very good basis for CD colossus conversion! The drawback is the big broad plating covering virtually all of it at every angle. For such machines to look viable in fantasy even with the whiff of magic as explanation, there really needs to be archaic mechanics going on with pistons, pipes, cogs and such parts of exposed machinery. Forgeworld's Iron Daemon and Skullcracker are perfect examples of the approach suited for fantasy. GW's Juggernauts are also big broad plate things, but have some exposed hints at pistons and whatnot cleverly worked into their bodies.

Thanks for sharing! Promising conversion basis and cool model as it is.
I think it would make a very nice colossus version of a WoC Juggernaut.
All those flat plates are begging for suitable adornments
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