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Full Version: Artisan's Contest XXIII
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A lonely watch. A thankless death.

Zanko Presents: Artisan's Contest XXIII!

Watchtower Artwork Challenge

The goal here is to create a piece of artwork depicting one or more Chaos Dwarf or Hobgoblin watchtowers. This can be done by drawing, sketching or painting it (i.e. no miniature entries). Digital tools are allowed, and some scribblings as seen on many concept sketches are likewise allowed, but please keep any text amount low. The amount of work invested in the art entry can vary from a simple sketch up to a full-blown illustration.

Grab the opportunity to present us your take(s) on Dawi Zharr or Hobgoblin watchtower! Your entry could be a sketch, a technical/architectural schematic or an illustration. You could depict a lonely watchtower out in the ashen wastes or overlooking some craters, open pit mines or lava springs, or even place a watchtower in the middle of a lava pool. Likewise, you could have a watchtower out of the rock wall of a mountain or an open pit mine, overlooking the wilds or works below; or a coastal watchtower; a mobile watchtower mounted on a train car; or even a watchtower floating on the water or in the air; or something else completely!

Surrounding facilities such as lodgings, stables, stores, water tanks or barricades are welcome if entrants want to add such details to the watchtower. Watchtower personel are welcome, and if you want to include a scene of enemies sighted, Nasty Skulkers climbing the walls of the tower or monsters attacking the outpost, a mechanized war caravan steaming past or an important courier being received, then by all means do so!


The gold winner will recieve one kit of four 15mm Tjubling blunderbusses from Admiralty Miniatures (note: can be used for terrain decoration in 28mm collections):

Plus Grulka Blackhand, Dwarf Heroine, from Titan Wargames. Courtesy of Zanko!

Furthermore, Zanko has donated Marrog Blackhand, Dwarf Hero, to the silver winner:

And Cinneron Dhum, Dwarf Pyromancer, for the bronze winner:

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM Admiral or Bloodbeard and they will sort it out with you and the Staff.


The deadline for the submission of entries is December 8th 2017 at 11:59pm EST. (3 weeks!)

Rules of the Competition

Each member may only enter once.

Sketch, draw, paint and use digital tools to come up with an artwork or concept image of one or more Chaos Dwarf or Hobgoblin watchtowers.

Submissions should include one picture file only. Your one picture with art may contain any number of objects, figures and scenes.

You may not submit a picture of a drawing or painting that have been entered into other online competitions or posted in a finished state before.

Don't post your entries in the forum before the contest is over.

See also the General Rules & Guidelines.

How to Enter?

Submit your entry by sending a PM to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to) with one link or image of your entry. Please do not send an e-mail to any of the admin or staff accounts as this is a sure fire way to have your entry missed.

How will this be judged?

Sometime after December 8th we will post all entries to a new thread and voting can commence!

Good luck everyone!
The Staff
Even though I am artistically more than moderately talented, I will have a chance to think about it ...

Cool contest! I will try my best to enter although i just got new art assignments over at 9th age Happy
Digital tools?  I haven't even got my pen license yet.
I have an idea too.  A Watchtower will have a wall.  So I'll draw a wall....
After that I'm screwed.

Tertius Wrote:
I am in. I dig architecture.

It's I dig archeology!   ( Blonde Joke )

I spend half the time of the the TV shows that I watch looking at how things are built

I'll try to get something done, been having an exceptionally busy couple of weeks!
I’m looking forward to seeing the entries for this one. Make the Dark Lord proud!
I too am looking forward to the entries.
I can't foresee myself entering this time.
This looks interesting, the prizes alone made me pick up a pencil... then I realised how long I hadnt drawn for Big Grin
Good spirit, folks! I'm ticking away at a simple entry as well.

Fuggit Khan Wrote:
This is such a great theme! I love the imagery of towers, I'm always stopping to look at tall buildings, pillars, chimneys and the like.
There's just something so grandiose and functionally pragmatic about building towards the sky.

me too.

I'm scanning my entry at the moment. Intended to bump this thread as well. Cheers for high buildings, and high hats. Takes Hat off
Unfortunately, I can't attend. The Real Life costs me way too much life time and after a 12 hour day I don't have any more power ... Sad

Yeh. I'm sad I couldn't enter either.   Apart from my appalling graphic skills, the Carpal Tunnel "pain" in both hands has reached unheard of heights and has stopped any and all hobby work for weeks now
I'm afraid I won't be able to fully finish my entry before the contest ends. I'll submit what I have tomorrow. Worst case scenario I'll submit a fully rendered Illustration of my CD watchtower later this month, but all the sketch work will be in for the contest at least Happy
Sorry to say i wont be able to enter anythin :/  Sketched quite a bit but i didnt hit anything i felt was dawi zharr enough and i have officially run out of time. But i look forward to see the entries though! Hashuts curse on this job sapping my strength!
You think that's funny. I don't know how to use MS Paint!
Ouch, Abecedar, please make sure your hand heals!

Good effort lads. Time is indeed a precious resource. Last day to enter!
Can't wait to see all the entries Happy
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