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Full Version: Happy Holidays from CDO- 2017
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Happy Holidays-2017 from CDO!

I hope everyone here has a great Holiday Season! (whatever you personally celebrate) and a great New Year.

So you know what it means... The Holiday Thread! The Dark (Lord) Shogun of Hashut (aka) me, has once again rounded up more slaves from the Pits of Zharr Nagrund. What better way to celebrate being Chaos Dwarfs than to dole out slaves to do your Christmas shopping, clear the latrines or

Partake in the poll and see if you're rewarded. Poll will run until December 31st.

- WM

Special thanks to CDO member Forgefire for the picture.
Thank you very much. I hope everybody enjoys the winter days everywhere on beautiful mother earth. Still some days to christmas but there are already a lot of cookies to eat Cheers!Takes Hat off
Dilly Dilly! (Yeah I went there).
Ah the time of spiced wine and eternal darkness here in sweden! Happy holidays Happy
Enjoy your holidays Wink

Really cool artork btw !
Go Jul! ..or whatever you might prefer. Takes Hat off
Happy Hobgoblin Holidays to you all (and may your knife be rusty, sneaky and fast)
Also from my side a happy and peaceful holiday and a contemplative christmas season!

Happy holidays to all !
Happy Holidays Everyone! Big Grin
*grumbles* it’s still November...*grumblegrumble*

...err, I mean Merry [insert thereligiousfestivalofyourchoicehere] everybody!


Dînadan Wrote:
*grumbles* it’s still November...*grumblegrumble*

...err, I mean Merry [insert thereligiousfestivalofyourchoicehere] everybody!


That's why I said Happy Holidays (in the USA, at least where I live) that's Thanksgiving until New Years. Takes Hat off

Huzzah I've voted, though have no idea on what Wink

Cheers Willmark, hope you and yours had a great thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the holidays
We did, tree is up, shopping completed three weeks ago and all presents wrapped.
Marry Xmas guys from OZ hope you all have a great day - opened my first beer at 7am - man I love the holidays Happy
I wish all members of CDO and their relatives a peaceful christmas season! Takes Hat off

I put up my tree on Christmas Eve. It is about five inches tall. It is being guarded by a pair of Reaper Miniatures.

I have been saying Merry Grinchmas to people randomly.
Few notice.
Indeed a great one here. Got my first Zeppelin...on vinyl and Dragons Tower for 3rd Edition Talisman. Great food and drinks on Christmas Eve and today too.
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