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Full Version: Golden Hat XXIX
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Warcolours & Enjoysrandom presents: The 29th Golden Hat competition on Chaos Dwarfs Online!

This contest has been sponsored by Warcolours! This round, every single entrant will receive a €10 store coupon at Warcolours, courtesy of Poison:

Furthermore, this round of Golden Hat has been sponsored by Enjoysrandom! The gold winner will receive this painted axeman with display case:

The silver winner will receive a kit of four 15mm Tjubling Axemen from Admiralty Miniatures:

While a random entrant will receive an unpainted kit of Slave Orc Heads of Ancient Times from Admiralty Miniatures (courtesy of Zanko, who graciously passed his previous Golden Hat prize on in this manner):

Subject Matter: Blood Bowl!

For this contest we want you to model and paint Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team miniature/s of some sort, be it Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, Bull Centaurs, Chaos Dwarf players or off-the-pitch characters such as an apothecary, cheerleaders, coach, hired wizard or knocked-out player. Any combination of these kinds of Chaos Dwarf-appropriate miniatures are fine. You can enter with a single model, or up to a full team with sideline attendants (but only one team per entrant).

This is not a scenery contest, so do not include a stadium, spectator stands, dugout or suchlike terrain. However, you may photograph your miniatures on the pitch, a grassy plain, cobblestones or suchlike playing field as background.

If you are unsure if your entry will fit the subject matter, please contact Admiral or Bloodbeard and they'll sort it out with the rest of the Staff.

Basing is unrestricted and up to your discretion with the following exception: Display bases and plinths are not allowed.

Subject: Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl.
Bases: Up to your discretion. No display bases, plinths, though, please.
The Due Date: 11:59 PM January 30h, 2018 UTC (Central European Time Zone)

Please read the full rules that apply to the Golden Hat competition before submitting your entry.

All entries must be sent to the Golden Hat account no later than the due date. Entries will not be accepted after this. (Entrants have approximately 6 weeks to complete entries). If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact Admiral or Bloodbeard. In order to avoid problems, entrants should not wait until the last minute to submit their entries.

How to Enter
Upload up to 4 photos of your entries to the Internet. Photos may not have additional text or items/models unrelated to your entry. Next, send a PM to Golden Hat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous Golden Hats).

If you win:
- Walk across the backs of the cowed masses you have scorned and pushed aside, in order to take your place in the vaunted Golden Hat Hall of Fame (when it gets updated).
- Receive the Golden Hat medal for your online persona.
- Everyone who enters gets a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. If 20 people enter we award 20 slaves to each person who entered. Entries will count towards a veteran medal.
- Win a display miniature, Tjublings or slave heads! See above for details.

Once all entries are received a thread will be created for voting and determining the winners!

If there are any questions it is best post them here so that everyone can benefit from any details or clarifications that may arise.

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM Admiral and he will sort it out with you and the Staff.

Good luck everyone!
Might have something to enter here, we’ll see.
Nice theme!  Have to think out something!
BB is not my cup of tea, but I'm sure that I own some BB models ... Unsure

Never had any interest in BB unfortunately... Will sit this one out!!! Good luck to you folks Cheers!
Well it's that time again, time for me to think of idea after idea until my head hurts and then realise I haven't got time to do the idea I settle on Happy

I'll try my best again to make my first GH Tongue Wink
shouldn't they be football shaped?

Tertius Wrote:

Abecedar Wrote:
shouldn't they be football shaped?

Big Grin
I probably will give the BullCentaur one of the newfangled ovals. Or maybe a pair of rounds...

How big are the squares on a standard pitch? That would be good to know.

Standard BB pitch was made of 29mm squares if i remember correctly.
Don't know if the new pitch got larger squares.

The BB2016 pitches are 34mm squares and the miniatures on 32mm bases.
Making some progress, though my initial dreams are starting to look (as usual) not realistically attainable.
Started the painting yesterday, I hope to be able to finish it within the week, to not have to send it in hurry at last moment like last time!
I had enormously over ambitious (yet again) plans to enter several models but I'll be happy if I finish one.
Haha, just started sculpting... Shock
...and finished the last GS this morning, still plenty of time! Tongue
@ Tjub.  looking forward to seeing it.   My bet is a referee.
@Abecedar: Tongue

And its done, first GH in a few years! Just need to get the photos tonight... Big Grin
Thanks for the extension Admiral but I'll probably only get one finished anyway.

@Tjub. Lucky us, extra days to check the work we've done.  God knows I found enough mistakes last night.  I'll find more tonight no doubt.

Uther the unhinged Wrote:
Thankyou Admiral. May just do it this time, scruffy cobbled together and poorly painted but maybe finished in time. Why does green stuff dry so slowly aaaaarghhhhh

Put it under a lamp, or in the oven at say 40-50 degrees. Takes Hat off

Uther the unhinged Wrote:
................................... scruffy cobbled together and poorly painted but maybe finished in time. Why does green stuff dry so slowly aaaaarghhhhh

Great.  That is two of the same calibre so no one will know which is mine.

Here's a little something that I couldn't finish in time for this "Hat".  I thought I'd make the whatever it was into a trophy but I'm just not sure how to spruce it up some more

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