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Full Version: Community Awards 2017 Voting Polls Now Open!
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All the polls are now open for the Community Awards for 2017. Unlike past years I've dispensed with the nominations step and the Staff has accepted on behalf of the nominees in order to speed up the process. If this presents a problem we will address it at that point.

Deadline to vote
The Polls in the 2017 Community Awards sub-forum will be open until Saturday, 3-31-18 @11:50 PM EST.

How to vote?
Cast your votes in the 2017 Community Awards sub forum here:

Its pretty much that simple. On behalf of all CDO Staff get your votes in to recognize our outstanding members who have been nominated.

My votes are in!

Good luck to all participants!

Mine are done also..  Good luck everyone who has been nominated.
My votes are also in!
My votes are in. Good luck!

My votes are in. So many so deserving nominees. Good luck everyone.
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