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Full Version: Community Awards 2017 Winners
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Voting is now complete as we are all aware (or should be):

As well as the voting sub-forum which will be up for a bit more.

Congrats to all who were not only nominated but to the winners and a thank you to all who voted.

Without further delay the winners are:

Best Attitude - Admiral

Best General - The Hooded Man

Best Hobbyist -Papa Midnight

Best Contributor - Admiral

Best Overall Member - Abecedar

In short order we'll get the 2017 badges uploaded and awarded. Congrats everyone.

Congrats everyone! I'm glad this place is still kicking, and with such awesome dudes.
Congrats to the winners. Happy
Well done guys
congrats guys!
Congrats the winners! Takes Hat off

Keep up the good work so that CDO remains an interesting and exciting website! Cheers!

Congratulations to all fellow winners and thank you all for nominating and voting me. I was really surprised actually Happy.
Congratulations guys! Hardily deserved! Great to see another round of community awards! Cheers!
Well deserved wins and congratulations to everyone!
Congratulations to the worthy winners
Congratulations to the winners and thank you, everyone, for a good year! Also a thank you to Willmark for handling it all. Takes Hat off
My Lord.  Thank You everyone.

Congrats to all the winners.  And thanks again to everyone for making this a great community.
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for all those that voted for me. Also a thank you to Willmark for his work in organising this. I have been a little distracted from all things CD for a while but have some new projects in the works......


Abecedar Wrote:
My Lord.

"Yes? (mechanical breathing) apology accepted..." (mechanical breathing) .

Everyone who won is very deserving, Congratulations to all the winners and candidates!
Well done guys, always a joy to see how dedicated you guys are, long live this community, I'm sure GW will reward us right on time Happy let's be patient !

Willmark Wrote:

Abecedar Wrote:
My Lord.

"Yes? (mechanical breathing) apology accepted..." (mechanical breathing) .

Best laugh of the day.  Thanks

Congrats gents.  Well earned.
Congrats! Happy
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