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Full Version: E-mail Contact for Registration
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As many of you know, we've experienced increasing registration issues over the last few years, not due to bugs in forum software (but possibly connected to new E-mail spam filters). Many send-outs of automated E-mail confirmations never reached the inboxes. As of presently account activation is set to manual. Anyone registering is invited to shoot an E-mail to this address to speed up the process, or even make it happen at all, unless they can find a registered user to act as middleman:

Please share if you happen to know someone likely to want to register on Chaos Dwarfs Online. Apologies to those long stuck in the loop: Hopefully things will work for you now.

Note that the old CDO Hotmail address no longer exists, according to Hotmail (we have reason to believe otherwise), and is at the least inaccessible for us. Please turn to the above Gmail address for contact: This is the current stopgap measure.

Things are being looked into. Ideally we'd like to both update PHPBB software; retain or reimplement the heavily customized features; find a working and free software alternative; and not least get automated activation by E-mail confirmation working again. Any quality recommendations for free forum software are welcome. We'll keep you updated if and when solutions are found.

Thanks for being part of CDO, and thanks for wishing to become part of this forum!

The Staff
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