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Absolutely living for how grumpy this is making some of the cave-dwellers on Dakka.
I absolutely love Rountree. It is thanks to ideas like this that in 3 years he manged to undo basically all the damage done by Kirby.
Lot of people mad that their super serious setting is going to be made fun for children. We wouldn't want to dilute the heavyweight backstory that brought us Tic-tac-toe the humanoid lizard that rides on a pterodactyl, or Raven Raven the primarch of the Raven Guard and Iron Hands the primarch of the Iron Hands. Heaven forfend the universes that gave us squig hoppers, nuns with guns who fire missiles from a tank using a giant church organ and "Sly Marbo" should be made to look in any way silly.

Dînadan Wrote:

You forgot to mention the über-serious literature that brought us Ciaphas Cain, HERO IF THE IMPERIUM!

Speaking of which, it’s also the setting with highbrow humour such as an ice world called ‘Brass Monkey’.

Edit: Speaking of Cain, just saw on the Dakka thread someone bemoaning that it wouldn’t be the same setting if the commissar doesn’t execute the kid protagonists out of hand; clearly said person has never read a Cain novel as I can’t imagine Cain just executing them out of hand.  Sure if they were proven Chaos worshipers or Genestealer Cultists he’d execute them without hesitation, but otherwise I just don’t see it; and that’s not even a ‘keeping his public image up’ thing, I just don’t see him executing them without a good reason.  Heck I can even see him jumping in between them and a bloodthirster and duelling it to death without a second thought and later trying to claim he only did it to keep his image up.  And there’s no reason any commissars or Inquisitors the kids meet (and considering the size of the Imperium there’s no reason they have to run into any anyway) couldn’t be similarly circumspect and let them off lightly/turn a blind eye/etc.

Cain was fun

It's basically just The 2010s Internet Part 17,000,000 - angsty little neckbeards annoyed because a media property they like has the audacity to create a product that isn't actually marketed to them personally. See also: Ghostbusters, Star Wars, video games, comics...

This isn't even the first GW-related one this month! On Dakka there's another multi-page thread about the Warhammer leggings. It doesn't affect anyone's life in any way, but they're all angry because it's not something they would ever buy.
Remember: being white, straight and male is politically neutral. Anything that caters to any other audience is just pandering.
I fail to understand how banning guns is, for a british company, a political statement. As far as i understand gun control is enforced in the UK, isn't it?

But i digress. People whined (and still whine) about AoS. Wasn't expecting these books to be received with a standing ovation either.

Uther Wrote:
cdo are fine with diversity we take evil dwarfs with ANY type of  hat

Quote of the decade!!!

Ghrask Dragh Wrote:

Uther Wrote:
cdo are fine with diversity we take evil dwarfs with ANY type of  hat

Quote of the decade!!!

Um. Your Avatar says different

Big Grin Big Grin
He does have a hat, it just fell off (that's why he looks so grumpy Wink)
Puffy renaissance sleeves = normal, regular outfit for a person in a fantasy setting totally disconnected from actual history
Hijab = unrealistic SJW pandering
We've had Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel, none of which is especially kid-friendly if you delve into the details too much but all of which are marketed towards them very heavily. "Diluting the brand" doesn't really mean anything when it comes to toys and games, GW is not a fashion company, people don't buy it for the image.

Calling a hooded cloak a hijab just seems like lazy trolling.

Might actually be nice to see a bit more of every day life in the 40k universe rather than the war aspect. I'm just a bit sad that my kids are already too old for the books.

cornixt Wrote:
Might actually be nice to see a bit more of every day life in the 40k universe rather than the war aspect.

This. Exactly this. I mean, there are whole worlds in the Iperium dedicated to leisure, nature, camping, and vacation in general. I mean, it is not like every corner of the galaxy is infested by Tyranids, and Tau are supposed to be open-minded, gracious hosts right? I personally would REALLY like to explore the day to day aspect of a citizen of the Imperium. Plus,  I am sooooo glad to see this kind of initiatives, aimed at reeling a younger audience into the hobby. It seems to me that Rountree is fully aware of the rules of the modern market, and has a steady eye on the long term!

A fuss about nothing as per usual
If you don't like this stuff, ignore it and go read the Hours Heresy and if you do like it then enjoy. Anything else is a waste of energy that people could be putting into their hobby or other aspects of their lives, ironically the are acting more childish than the people these books are made for Big Grin

I don't usually comment on stuff like this for the reasons above but it's late and for some reason I'm writing this Wink feel free to ignore it

On the topic I'm really looking forward seeing how these turn out as I have a 2 boys that may love it, they certainly love the minis. I've genuinely caught my 4 year old siting staring at them, I could almost hear the cogs whirring in his head as his imagination ran wild (don't worry all the sharpe and nasty hobby stuff is always out of the way Takes Hat off)

Another positive step for the new GW as for as I can see here

Admiral Wrote:
This is what the Adventures is all about:  Getting new blood into the settings, finding another target audience to reel in. I find the style of the covers well wrought toward this end. A number of parents and children seem to like the looks of it already. And meanwhile DakkaDakka is boiling over with fears of background dilution and bonkers stuff. Fun reception, in a weird way.

For the record I'm a fan of John Blanche, but can easily see how so bizarre and stark artworks would have a negative effect on reception among the intended audience

Amen, Dakkadakka was where my comment was directed by the way guys just so we are all good, I know this site is great for attitudes about these sort of things. Cheers!

John Blanche has a great style, reminds me of Quinten Blake (of child author Roald Dahl fame, ironically enough) as in its very rough around the edges but actually incredibly well thought out and purposefully gritty, Johns style is a great fit for 40k and it's dark theme but the only one either. The great thing about 40k is that within its own universe it has variety, like Tau, Blanche draws amazing Imperium stuff but I don't think it would suit the Tau at all

Sisters of Battle, that Sisters of battle art is all the needs to be said about Blanche

I'd love to see Matt Dixon take a swing at a Warhammer comic...

Double post sorry

Or even Skottie Young,  imagine baby Primarchs

Big Grin Big Grin
Love Angry Ron down there chewing on the slipper, Konrad is cool hanging like that but look at little Magnus... Ah Magnus, he was trying to do good!! Magnus is my favourite I think, so misunderstood

And back on topic, that's an interesting point Admiral, Star Wars was a big part of my childhood and like you said all adult based. The only kid things I can remember from when I was young were The Goonies, Power Rangers were teens so can maybe count but they were definitely acting very adult like (as in all the professional fighting they were doing) as opposed the The Goonies who were acting very childlike

Maybe one that makes the most interesting point about that Admiral is Hook,  Peter Pan the boy who never grows up...err...grown up Unsure
Ah yes, Star Wars: that famous adult sci-fi movie...

Thommy H Wrote:
Ah yes, Star Wars: that famous adult sci-fi movie...

Dressing up as "Furry's" is kid stuff isn't it?

Interesting move.  I can see the pros and cons on both sides here, so I'm on the fence really.

At the end of the day however, many of the old skool GW fans will have kids of the right sort of ages by now, and if this is a more appropriate way to get them into a wargame then I'm all for it.
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