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Full Version: Golden Hat XXX
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Holy Hashut!!! An open subject Golden Hat!? Shock

We have lots of time to work on the entries as well!

@Abecedar I feel like your right about this one being huge. I think this will be the fiercest Golden Hat that has been held in my time, hats are gonna fly!
Ooooh Open subject. How odd can I go?

There are a few half finished projects that could be cobbled together.
Come Igor we have work to do!
Lifesize chaos dwarfs are tricky. The kids complain that the beards are itchy, the girls whinge about the colour of the hats and no one wants to sit on the bulls head. Kids no dedication these days
Yeah, I get it Jack. I dont enjoy the painting (any of it) and that is one of the reasons I am rubbish at it. Now the coversion is fun. I have lots of nearly finished or finished waiting paint figures then I get distracted by a new idea. Same with deadlines, my golem had been in my head for months just always pushed back for something else. I neeeeed deadlines. On the positive side I have lots of stuff to play with for the gh. Can not wait for the reveals
‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ moment
So fun Happy
I have no clue on what to do here Happy
Assembly completed!

@Abecedar Ouch! I hope you are back up to 100% in all good time man!
Ouch, best wishes with your recovery.

As for weather; it doesn’t look all that bad - bet it’s better than those of us in Britain and Scandinavia get in our Winter. Tongue
Wow - hope you get better soon Abecedar - those stitches look nasty dude - My entry is in - had some trouble as each time I failed painting the eye the details in the miniatures became less and less so I hope they are close enough to where the eyes are supposed to be - other than that I’m happy with the end result Happy

Abecedar Wrote:
Thanks everybody.  It only hurts if I use it.  The weather here has been gorgeous though it is getting a bit colder.

Will, you are always entering early if I remember right.

I try and get them done as quickly as I can otherwise I keep migrating back to whatever I’m working on and I tends to upset the warden/wife - l think she’s just jealous Wink

Wait. People are finished! Ahh! I’ still at the emergency buying of more greenstuff stage!
Forced to buy stuff for this one. May have bitten off more than I can chew. But it advances and is suitably odd.
I have an idea finally. But not sure I will finish it on time... Just bought last pieces in eBay and shipping Will probably take too long time. Sad
Ebay —————-received
Bitz box————raided
Mini bits————repurposed/repositioned/replaced

Totally reasonable second thoughts about dubious nature and execution of entry——————bamished

@Abecedar.  Fingerprints in greenstuff is realistic texture, isn’t it?

Oh dear. More magical male words of power may be needed on this project.
My entry's finished (although during photography, I remembered I wanted to do some more highlights) and not too soon either. Leaving for holiday on saturday, and it's busy times at the end of the schoolyear.
Best of luck to all!
Aaaaaaaah. 4 days left. Where did all the time go? Blast last minute ‘great ideas and improvements’. Eat sleep paint repeat.[/u]
Good news on the deadline. Sadly not useful for me as I am away all weekend with the kids. But on a better note my magnum opus nears completion(well to my standards amyway). Hope to get it in soon. Good luck to the rest of you, may the mortal realms tremble at your approach.
My entry is in now so I can relax (well act as kiddy chauffeur which is my proper job). Good luck to the rest. I hope it comes together for you
I am still waiting for my last pieces to arrive before I can finish my idé Sad
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