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Full Version: Golden Hat XXX
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This could be a huge GH.
I don't know what to do.  .. Panic
Should be able to enter this I hope, just need to finish a few projects first... err...
Oh man, it's all happening here! Shock

An open theme ... very interesting! After all, I already have a vague idea what kind of models I can send into the race! Cheers!

Let's see what will happen! Tongue Wink

Wow this is going to be a great one!  Good luck to everyone!
Wow, the big 3 0

Great choice of theme for this one Cheers!
Very exciting! Big Grin
Okay. Things sound odd there Jack...  A Single model needing paint,  an excuse to paint.
They are terms I'm do not understand.
I'm a bit like a dog with two bones.  I don't know which to eat first
I think I have a quite cool idea, let's see how it can be implemented. An order at e-Bay has been placed. Wink


Admiral Wrote:
Ideas falling into place? Happy

Nope, not at the moment. Im struggling to finish a Blood Bowl project in time for our new season. Might be able to squeeze out something Chaos Dwarf related after that. If not, atleast there will be more 15mm Tjublings coming soon.

Progress is slow but good. I got a bit of prep work done yesterday at a beautiful spot in Narooma NSW.
Work sent me down there for coverage so instead of sitting by myself in a cold station waiting for a call I went here.

Did some study so the employment part was taken care of.  4 hours of miserable australian winter weather with this view.
Pretty tough to handle some days, Jeez we have it hard down here. And yes that is people swimming
But I got some models cleaned up of mold lines etc on GH 30 option A.
Slow going though as holding anything tight for a period of time is difficult and painful.

Carpal Tunnel surgery, at least the stitches are out now but it doesn't look much better

Abecedar Wrote:
Carpal Tunnel surgery, at least the stitches are out now but it doesn't look much better

I wish you a good recovery! Takes Hat off

For my part, I'm making halfway good progress, the preparations are done, now all I have to do is paint. Wink


Thanks. I am making progress myself.  Am definitely being more careful with this one.
And I'm being even more careful with tools. I took a chunk out of a finger in February but that wasn't for hobby stuff so it didn't count
Thanks everybody.  It only hurts if I use it.  The weather here has been gorgeous though it is getting a bit colder.

Will, you are always entering early if I remember right.
I think I'm halfway through the project but it will still take some time to complete ... Unsure

Damn, what I had planned looked built together looked really stupid. Mad

Now I have re-arranged and ordered new miniatures, I hope the Polish post is on time! Wink

Now we may be running out of time after all. Unsure


Uther the unhinged Wrote:
Forced to buy stuff for this one. May have bitten off more than I can chew. But it advances and is suitably odd.

Same here and I've definitely made plans way too big for my britches again.  
Option A has been shelved and Option B is proving much more fiddly and tiring than I thought

... is still waiting for his package from poland! Angry

Awesome to hear that the deadline changed! So I would be able to finish my 3rd attempt! Big Grin

The pics are send! Takes Hat off

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