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Full Version: Rotten Circus Kickstarter
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Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Gather around, come see the marvels and fun, the pranks and the stunts! Hear the music! Laugh at the clowns! For Rotten Factory has launched a new Kickstarter: The Circus has come to town!

Paweł Jakub Górecki has worked hard to bring you these morbid entertainers and leprous showmen. In cooperation, we have Patrick Lorente bringing you concept art for models to come:

And myself, chucking a rotting flail Dwaf into the ring:

More pictures of everything to be found here.

Come buy tickets to the Rotten Circus if you dare. Cheers!
Cool! Great looking models, hope it goes well... Happy
Ditto.  They're not for me but Good Luck
Nice looking models but I like the Circus of Corruption from Old School Miniatures much more. But of course this is in the eye of the viewer. Wink

Great share, Zanko! Nice range.
The sick and twisted circus has been a popular theme of late. Such a luxury problem to have... Happy
Im collecting a nurgle circus, overall not impressed, some of them don't look like part of a circus and feel a bit thrown in. I will maybe buy one or 2 when they come out properly but overall not something i would back.
Oh dear, this is disgusting indeed, I like the little nurglings
Nice work on the Dwarf Admiral Takes Hat off
Thank you kindly, GK!
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