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Full Version: Gargolock's Experience being a broke kid trying to make an army
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This is an excellent start for your blog, I wish I had started by blog as well versed as you've done  Happy
I have to say that I love your conversion of the old Humbrol paint can. It's not important if the idea came from elsewhere (but very good of you to give credit), what matters is that you've got a cool little model there and I'm hoping to see more. A Humbrol paint can. Awesome. And it's metal!
Hashut loves metal Hashut!
Nice work dude, and welcome to CDO.
Takes Hat off
Fantastic start. I love scratchbuilt stuff. Remember ‘nescessity is the mother of invention’. Your warmachimes look great and they move which is more than forgeworlds! Don’t worry about using others ideas ‘good writers borrow, great writers steal’  and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery just give credit where it is due.

Welcome aboard.

Now burn those forests!
Ambitious intro! The lore in AoS might grow on you, atleast it has on me. Happy

The conversion looks great as well, there should be loads of ideas from you in the older threads pre Chaos Dwarfs from Forge World. As for the K'daii Id recommend a hot glue gun on a wire frame. Seen some really cool demons and Tyranids done this way. Might take some practice, but I you have more time than money that might not be a problem? Tongue Wink

Have a look at this Instagram account for some inspiration on building with a hot glue gun.
You've got good taste! Take comfort in being a generational misfit (I do, being something of one myself).

Great scratchbuilds and nice colour scheme. It's great to see such creativity spinning hard. The Minotaur construct made me think of Artigas' Minoton version. Uther's bull conversion tips are good, it's well worth to listen to him for he is wise (and Unhinged).

Gargolock Wrote:
...for my jabble (still not a word)...

Oh yes, now it is a word! And the meaning is clear enough at first sight. Anyone who has ever looked into dialects will know that what people come up with and use in speech, counts. Being in a dictionary or not is hardly pivotal. As with so much else nowadays, language has been subjected to the stricture of structure, when in fact what drives it all is instead the freewheeling spirit of human creativity.

Which is also what drives Chaos Dwarfs Online and its crazy scratchbuilds. Welcome aboard! Takes Hat off

Cool stuff! Where in Canada are you located? School started in August?! What kind of craziness is this?!
@Dunca: Yep lego is fantastic for steampunk.

Love the giant. The rune is cool.
Great work.  Keep going like this and you will have a unique army
Ahh I like the old RAFM miniatures! Takes Hat off I own some of them too! Wink

You should pimp your bases, for example with some sand and/or gras on them!

Nonetheless great start! Cheers!

Nice start! This will be a unique army for sure. Keep at it. Takes Hat off
Looks very nice at first glance. Takes Hat off

But since I don't feel like turning the monitor, it would be nice if you could turn the pictures 180 degrees! Wink

Very nice! Though I have to confess I'm not good at standing on my hands.

Go forth boldly, and tell your Language Arts teacher that Jabble is hereby formally and by full official weight of power and overbearing authority a Word, the Word, and an approved Word, by unholy and baleful decree from the Father of Darkness, He who is Hashut on high, and woe betide the heathen who would dare to contradict the fiery Bull God's divine and hellish will.


So spake the Sorcerer-Prophet. Only kidding. Or perhaps not. Tongue Wink

You may want to do something with the car wheels, to blunt the modern technology look on that part of the conversion. Best of all would be side-mounted wooden or steel wheels (as on cannon carriages, as opposed to wheels mounted inside and under the chassis as on cars), perhaps from Lego cannons?
A lot can be done if you work on a budge (I know from experience) so i'll keep an eye out for this tread.
But for now my advise would be crop and turn your photos before uploading, any smartphone can do that for you if you dont have access to Photoshop and the likes.
keep up the good work
Very nice progress with fuba beards, neat conversions and some interesting miniatures. Good work with the painting as well, and lovely to see the Tjublings already painted. Keep at it! Happy
Looks good, every general should have a palanquin! Poor guys breaking their backs on such rocky ground. Tongue
Solid work on Ghorth. Looking good, keep at it!
Very nice update! The Dark Gods have blessed you, and your jabble. Takes Hat off
Keep it up Wink awesome nostalgia when reading you ! I hope you are enjoying your time building and painting your collection.
You are improving a bit every time you post !
Thats a great little army you got going there! Those "pinhats" warms my heart. Big Grin
Your Mercenaries look really cool - just for Humans! But now I'm really looking forward to new Chaos Dwarfs, which will hopefully follow now! Wink

Nice work, love the tjubling rocket. I still need to pick one up :l
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