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Full Version: Battlegames in the 41st millennium
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As you may or may not know, there’s a new partworks magazine coming out in the vein of the old BGiMe mag but for 40k.  Here’s a pic of everything that will come with it by the end:

Someone did a breakdown of it and it comes to something like £675 for £875 worth of stuff, so ~£200 saving all told.  Not bad if you can find a friend to split it with (assuming one wants DG and the other Primaris).  And individual issues will be £8 so will be a cheap way of picking up the hero minis if you need any.  Expect the vehicles and terrain will each be split over multiple issues so doubt you’ll be able to nab a dread for 8 quid lol.  Still, the terrain issues could be a cheap way of getting plenty of industrial terrain for Necromunda/Deadzone/Titanicus/etc.
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