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Full Version: Realms of Chaos Books
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Thought I'd look around and see if anyone has some books for sale - "Realms of Choas: Slaves to Darkness" and "Realms of Choas:The Lost and the Damned".

I've been reading through my printed copies of a crappy scans, and am pretty sure reading the actual book would be a bazillion times more pleasant. I tried getting my hands on one of the recent reprints of "Slaves to Darkness", but was told they were completely sold out.

Anyway, the prices I see for copies on eBay and on Abebooks are absurd - if anyone is thinking of selling copies at less absurd prices, please let me know.

Have a great day!

Found them.
How much did Lost and the Damned run you?
Too much. But, you need to treat yourself once and a while.

$150USD for both books, both first printing and in near-mint condition - price included shipping to Canada (which was $47USD).

I am really finding new interest in older Warhammer -  the sheer volume of information in the books is amazing.
Weren't they reprinted last year?
One of them - the first one - was, but was a Warhammer World only item, and completely sold out everywhere.

Anyway, it would be nice if there was a 'old world library' book section, with print on demand books (or ebooks, etc...) available of all the previous publications - a lot of them are really good.
Yep I’ll be needing someone to grab me copy when that view on sale...
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