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Full Version: Artisan's Contest XXVI
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Steaming upon high seas do the Chaos Dwarfs scourge distant shores and forgotten lands in their maverick search for plunder. Borne on vessels of sooty steel and sporting smoke-belching chimneys do the Dawi Zharr traverse the world to sate their hunger for wealth, slaves and power, and they will let nothing stand in their way to profit and dark glory. As such, the Blacksmiths of Chaos are a fearsome sight for sailors and shoresfolk on any ocean, carrying blade and guns to foreign realms for the sake of their baleful Dark God, and woe! Woe betide those taken alive...

"Harr harr yarr!"

Titan Wargames Presents: Artisan's Contest XXVI!

Mariners of Malevolence Artwork Challenge

To celebrate the glimpse of Zharr Vyxa (thanks to Thommy H for spotting it!) we're throwing a salty contest! Come join if you ever fancied getting your feet wet, whether in the Old World or beyond fabled Realmgates, or in whatever setting you fancy for your evil midgets! The fiery Dawi Zharr have a solid history with the sea, with official material ranging from an enormous underground tunnel connecting the Sea of Chaos to the navigable River Ruin, through a navy in Man o' War to Dreadfleet's Black Kraken, not to mention various community produce here on CDO. Certainly, the seven oceans and their dark depths are not safe from our grasping hands!

The goal here is to create a piece of artwork featuring something relating to Chaos Dwarfs and the sea, river or ships. This can be done by drawing, sketching or painting it (i.e. no miniature entries). Digital tools are allowed, and some scribblings as seen on many concept sketches are likewise allowed, but please keep any text amount low. The amount of work invested in the art entry can vary from a simple sketch up to a full-blown illustration.

Grab the opportunity to present us your take(s) on Dawi Zharr or Hobgoblins on the high seas! Your entry could be a sketch, a technical/architectural schematic or an illustration. You could depict a sailor; a slavedriver whipping slaves to shovel coal below decks; a harbour; a drowning Chaos Dwarf; a submersible vessel; coastal fortifications; pirate scenes; a naval battle; boarding action; Chaos Dwarf warship classes or other vessels; coal barges steaming down River Ruin; oceanic platforms; scenes from Dawi Zharr myths connected to the sea; a convoy steaming through a dark naval tunnel; a Chaos Dwarf flotilla attacked by sea monsters; or something else entirely.


The Gold winner will take home a Dwarves of the Dark Bell Tower Bazooka Team kit, sculpted by Fuggit Khan!

The Silver winner will receive an unpainted Marrog Blackhand from Titan Wargames, courtesy of Baggronor!

The Bronze winner will get a kit of 7 Dwarves of the Dark Bell Tower Big Hats, sculpted by Fuggit Khan!

While a random entrant will claim a 15mm Tjubling Thunderhammer Rocket!

Also, another random entrant will win an unpainted onion hat axeman, donated by Zanthrax!

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM Admiral and he will sort it out with you and the Staff.


The deadline for the submission of entries is January 19th 2019 at 11:59pm EST. (eight weeks!)

Rules of the Competition

Each member may only enter once.

Sketch, draw, paint and use digital tools to come up with an artwork or concept image having to do with Chaos Dwarfs, Hobgoblins and the sea, rivercraft or ships.

Submissions should include one picture file only. Your one picture with art may contain any number of objects, figures and scenes.

You may not submit a picture of a drawing or painting that have been entered into other online competitions or posted in a finished state before.

Don't post your entries in the forum before the contest is over.

See also the General Rules & Guidelines.

How to Enter?

Submit your entry by sending a PM to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to) with one link or image of your entry. Please do not send an e-mail to any of the admin or staff accounts as this is a sure fire way to have your entry missed.

How will this be judged?

Sometime after January the 19th we will post all entries to a new thread and voting can commence!

Good luck everyone!
The Staff
Cool! Nice theme cant wait to see what the community comes up with!
Great theme.  I think I'll aim to win the gold, the silver, the bronze or all the randoms.
Bugger. Just realised it says "Artwork".  

I'm screwed
We're running yearly art contests to not miss out on that aspect. Of course, we could reuse this theme soon enough for modelling/painting in Artisan's Contest if you like.

Abecedar, I know you can draw!

And both of you have kids. Raid their crayons or... recruit someone of them. Just kidding. Tongue Wink

Remember that this is an opportunity to break loose your inner draftsman, for all of those who haven't drawn anything in decades. Too many people in their adult years seem to be put off from drawing stuff from a perceived sense of demand for quality or realism, which is a shame. Just draw and paint for the fun of it. I'll hazard a guess that you surely did when you were kids. Also, random draw prizes mean any humble little entry have a good chance at claiming something for the mailbox. Happy
Although the onion head axe bro is not painted I will also offer to paint him if you wish Happy
A kindly bump. Takes Hat off
spinning my wheels here trying to decide how to start, or is it procrastinating.
Still struggling to put crayon to paper
Now to find the time in between all the other fun hobby stuff (:
Will probably sprout an entry late into the deadline. Clearing other work and projects at the moment. Happy
Good bump! totally forgot.

January 19th 2019 at 11:59pm EST
i'm going to try!
Still chipping away at it.  Even managed to colour between the lines this time.
Mare Infernalis Nostrum Diabolus?

Noticed that Imgur has had troubles with their advanced edit function as well. Damn hassle.

Anyone who can't upload their entry otherwise are welcome to send entries in to chaosdwarfsonline (at)
My entry is in.
Just for interest, I use imgur but only to host the pics.
I didn't use any edit stuff on it.
As a looong time passive member I thought it was time to step up and make something special for my first post, and therefore my entry has now been admitted (I hope) ^^
finishing up now (:

Fuggit Khan Wrote:

denelian5 Wrote:
As a looong time passive member I thought it was time to step up and make something special for my first post, and therefore my entry has now been admitted (I hope) ^^

That's great that you're entering for your first time!
I'm going to send you slaves to give you a welcoming cheer for your first one  Takes Hat off

And come on Jackswift! You can do it!

Thanks alot! I will put them to good use^^ And, I have to say, thanks for amazing new Chaos Dwarf sculpts! I'm gonna get them all Big Grin

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