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Full Version: Extinction Level Event
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A thread over on the T9A site got my brain turning a bit.  After the End Times and GW screwing everyone, pretty much all the racial-specific army boards withered and died.  And yet CDO (the best of all of them of course) is still alive and kicking Cheers!  I'm curious of the Admin's thoughts of how we survived while all the weaker races were wiped out.  What was the secret sauce that got us through that no one else seemed to have?

And speaking of which, is there a donation link on here somewhere?  Every now and then I think "I should help support them" because I've spent soooo much time here over the years but I've never asked.  I know this place costs $$$ after all!
Europe with their stupid “privacy” laws are what did in a lot of boards. I’m still debating what to do with Dogs of War Online.

To be honest if one reads between the lines it’s aimed at big US tech companies not small boards like this. But they wrote the law so broadly it could ensnare a lot of sites including this one.
The amount of support by GW for the army barely changed over the years, from when all we had was Ravening Hordes, to LoA, to AoS.
We had a big image salvage operation going last year, initiated by Nicodemus, resulting primarily in this. I hope that kept hope and activity steaming on, because that was part of the reason we salvaged all the pictures (the other was of course to save all the treasures). That dampened the Photobucket crisis for CDO.

Also, Chaos Dwarfs Online is such a hotbed of creativity, attracting sculptors and artists and creatively minded hobbyists alike, so that we're still glowing despite a decline in numbers. Like attracts like, and quality continues to pull people in.

I'd like to add that Lustria Online seems to have its fair share of activity like CDO, including contests. So the key seems to be building stepped pyramide structures for your temples, and sacrifice bloodily!*

Still, a lot of activity seems to have moved to Facebook. I'm blocked from the AoS FB group for some unfathomable reason beyond my comprehension, so I don't get to see what people come up with over there, unless they also post on CDO.

* Warhammer Empire seems to keep some activity as well, but Manlings don't count because they're our sacrificial victims.
There is a good balance of playing for fun and collection miniatures here on CDO (I think) for years you had to be very creative to play them (get/make the models) and to this day its full of inspiring content and contest.
I admit I continue to come here for the positive attitude and creativity that the site is well known for.  And of course the stepped pyramids and the bloody sacrifices Hashut!
Finally, let us not forget that Chaos Dwarfs have always been in a sort of limbo regarding background and miniatures. As a result, I reckon that they attract the kind of people that like to create their own stories and models, doesn´t matter whether the old setting dies or evolves in a new one.

Besides, as far as I know and Lustria Online still see a lot of traffic.
I can't speak for lustria but there are tumbleweeds blowing through  I work with Calisson over on T9A and he says he's one of the last who actually visits there once per day.  Which makes me sad because I lived on that site for years and years.
T'is sad.
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