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Full Version: T9A: More Than Just Renaming
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Just some words of explanation for those outside looking in. Be welcome to do likewise for AoS, KoW and so on, in case there seem to be common misconceptions surrounding your favourite game. Happy

Great post!  Thanks!!
Good post! Cool, hope it works out for T9A as well, personally I went with 15mm KoW and AoS. Might consider something similar in the future... Happy
I haven't played since the end of 8th ED WHFB, but the local community here moved over to T9A pretty much en masse once AoS was announced. I think it's easier to find T9A games than AoS from what I've heard.  Thanks for the plug Admiral!
History has always been my favourite subject; before my dad even showed me lord of the rings or Star Wars. There is multiple reasons that once I encountered the warhammer fantasy world that I fell in love. Whether it be that instead of playing with action figures as a tiny child I played with my dads GW plastic talisman third edition miniatures —including the fabled chaos dwarf and many other Warhammer staples such as skaven, beastmen, chaos sorcerer etc etc— or that I have always liked thinking philosophy and morals and a dark world gave me the chance to review actions of the extreme. However these reasons fall before the greatest of the reasons: my love for history and the ability for me to try to spot which factions are inspired from where.
I love how you can clearly see the fantastical version of historic power within warhammer fantasy. The empire is clearly a twisted version of pike and shot Germany. I like this however it could have had factions from all over. It took them 30 years to scratch the surface of what can be done with a world inspired through history. Games workshop failed. They seemed to stop expanding it until it was too late and would never be expanded again. It’s a shame as they had hinted at areas that would have really helped that world: Nippon, Cathay and Hobgobla Kahn’s kingdom to name a couple.
The Ninth Age is putting in the areas games workshop failed to include. It seems to be picking up the torch. Everything I like about WHFB is recreated in T9A with more added. I don’t see it as a copy. I see it as a 2.0. The perfect sequel of a world; it grabs everything that the old one had and improves them as well as adding new stuff to improve the overall world. It is a wonderful creation that is coming a long nicely. Personally I think it needs more cartography work done as detailed maps are they easiest way to see a world. I enjoy the T9A’s world as it is as I said a better version of WHFB. It still needs more in my opinion.
And for those interested, we've rebuilt both the warriors and the demons book.  Infernal Dwarfs are next on the production schedule and we're taking in input from the community right now!
Cheers folks! Jolly responses.

For a handy compilation view of most of the ongoing Chaos Dwarf culture project, and on how T9A is doing for a whole wargame and setting, what Chaos Dwarf hobbyists have been doing for their army on CDO for many years, check this out. Torches carried over... Wink
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