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Full Version: Kickstarter: Dunkeldorf Miniatures
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Hello gang.

I really don't check in very often. But I wanted to share this Kickstarter campaign from Dunkeldorf Miniatures.

It's by King Games are small hobby shop i Denmark and where I've done all my shopping for supplies the last couple of years. Good guys, they deserve succes.

The Dunkeldorf line is RPG models in a true old school Warhammer Fantasy vibe. I really like them. As I don't play RPGs myself, I'll be using some as blood bowl sideline models, some for frostgrave, some for ghost archipelago.

All ready there's a good amount of stretch goals unlocked.

Looks like a cool kickstarter, has been keeping an eye on Sonnys work for a while. Too bad they models are to far from my miniature interest at the moment. Busy with everything 15mm. Tongue
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