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Full Version: 15mm Chaos Dwarfs
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This section is for posting your finished 15mm Chaos Dwarf miniatures, of any sort. Show us your petty evil Dwarves! Wink
Guess I should be the first to post here... Takes Hat off

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubling' Warlord

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubling' Sorceror

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubling' Ancient High Sorcerer

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubutaur' Bullcentaur Hero

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubutaur' Bullcentaur Lord

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubling' Blunderbusses

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubling Skeletors' Berzerkers

Chaos Dwarf 'Tjubling' Hellhammer Rocket

Chaos Dwarf K'daii

Chaos Dwarf K'daii Destroyer
Hobgoblins in "uniform" fighting for the Chaos Dwarfs, armed with scimitars and shields.
Greater Obsidian Golem (KoW)

Lesser Obsidian Golems (KoW)

Infernox (KoW)
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