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Full Version: 10mm Chaos Dwarfs
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This section of the image gallery is for posting your finished 10mm Chaos Dwarf miniatures, of any sort. Show us your evil midgets! Wink
I think I'm the only one who has these to date. So this thread is mine (or prove me wrong).  The CD models are from Eureka Miniatures.

First up, The Maw Cannons on their home made Dreadquake carriages with the Ork Epic thingies to pull them.
Also the Castelan Hero with his own personal Squigoth thingie

Next is the Castelan / Hero and the Bull Taurus with riders

Nextly. the Bull Centaur / Gwargon Cavalry

And finally the core of the army.

Almost forgot, the sole "Hobgoblin" unit to date.  Two rocket Launchers.

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