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Full Version: Chaos Dwarfs in Mount and Blade: Warband mod Warsword Conquest
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Gargolock has shared some Chaos Dwarf news on the video game front with us. No, not Total War: Warhammer III yet!

The game Mount and Blade: Warband sports a Warhammer Fantasy mod called Warsword Conquest. In November 2018 they released an update which among other things added Chaos Dwarfs! Previously Chaos Dwarfs were in the game as rare bandits inside Ostermark, Ostland and Kislev but now we are playable:

Mount and Blade is an action RPG game with tactical elements and combat in which you can conquer the world for yourself or another pre-existing faction. For the sake of map size issues, Chaos Dwarfs have been placed in western Norsca and Albion instead of expanding the world to include the Dark Lands, but that obviously just means we've conquered these pesky Northmen and built mighty ziggurats in the cold and wet provinces up north!

It seems we're going places. Takes Hat off

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Cool! Didnt know this mod existed even though i played mount and blade ALOT! Big Grin

Forgefire Wrote:
Cool! Didnt know this mod existed even though i played mount and blade ALOT! Big Grin

Me too... Not really anymore, but this mod looks sweet.

I had no idea about a Warhammer mod for the game.
Mount and Blade Warband is one of my most favorite games, the combat AI, leveling up tree and the weight/balancing system of weapons is really great. One of the most realistic medieval era fighting games ever, with authentic historical armor and weapons. It'll be fun to see a Warhammer spin on it  Happy
Thanks for sharing this!
Yeah just waiting for mount and blade 2. Probably released around 2040 xD
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