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Full Version: Chaos Dwarfs Through the Ages Up Now
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As a start on our humble overhaul of the existing CDO site (wherein unupdatable front page resources will be moved to the forum and kept updated), we have compiled this overview in Introductions & CDO Information:

Chaos Dwarfs Through the Ages

A shorthand overview of Chaos Dwarf concept developments in official miniatures.

Check it out! Takes Hat off

The Staff

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Chaos Dwarfs in Mount and Blade: Warband mod Warsword Conquest
Amazing display! And very educational - I knew CD were old, but I wasn't aware until now, just how old. Also, I tend to confuse editions, so there's a great cheat sheet for that! Thanks so much for putting this together!
Cheers! A cheat sheet is handy to have.

Images in the compilation updated and replaced. Some typos were done away with, but much more importantly, Blue in VT's Marauder Mini-Me Chaos Warriors have been added to 1980s - 3rd edition.

Check it out! Takes Hat off
Well worth the look.  Thanks Admiral.
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