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Full Version: The Legend Of The Brazen Conquest
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This was my Scribes Contest XII entry. Wrote a little ghost story. Here it is.

The Legend of The Brazen Conquest

Long ago the young captain Balakar The Ambitious had a ship built, the ship was mighty in size and shaped like a grim Bale Taurus. The ship’s weaponry was cruel with its daemonic cannons mounted in the eyes that spat forth flame to which gifted a torturous end to the enemies of Balakar. Strapped on top was a mighty dominating cannon that could level multiple ships at once.  It was a gargantuan barge that instead of cutting through waves like a Bretonnian corsair, would see the sea bow before it's own grandeur.
He set out from Uzkulak travelling around Norsca on a vast journey until he reached the Sea of Claws. There he met upon an Empire fleet patrolling the waters of Norden. His crew counted twelve ships. The odds weren’t in the favour of  The Brazen Conquest, a large battle ensued that fueled on into the dusk and dawn of the next day. Though the Brazen Conquest’s doom was thought to be certain, it fought through. Hashut must have taken notice to Balakar and his men and granted them favour, thus, Moor had to stalk the Imperials . The last Greatship levelled a shot into one of the daemonic eyes, the Daemonsmith in charge was killed only after he allowed his daemons freedom. The Empire Greatship became a orange and black puff of screams and bellows that only the most horrid of men could endure hearing. It then cleared to show a splatter of stained, red ocean and nothing more.
The Brazen Conquest sunk the remaining ships as the crew cackled at the sight of the defeated enemy. They felt incredibly fortunate. Everything was perfect for a second, until creeping out of the fog they saw it. Great teeth, beady, chartreuse eyes, scales black as coal and a massive fin. The colossal leviathan dove beneath the water as the cheering obtusely stopped in the seconds between the leviathan diving, then swallowing the ship. Balakar let out a terrible screech to the heavens as though furious at the very world’s cruelty.

Balakar of The Brazing Conquest is a harrowing ghost story known to Uzkulak. Balakar’s ghost supposedly haunts the sea upon a zombie Taurus and ensures that no sailor may have the life of riches that he had sought.

Perhaps, his ghost entered Shyish and possibly evolved into actual danger to our seafaring Dawi’Zharr...
Great tale. Poor Balakar. I guess the moral is, you need a bigger ship!

Well done.
Great story indeed. I really like how many of us went for a story of hardship for the Chaos Dwarfs themselves. And this ghost story is a true cautionary tale for any wannabe pirate. Very well done!
Aye, great tale! A fine read. Cheers!
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