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Full Version: Hobgoblin / Tjubgob KoW Army List & Free STL File from DYM
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Many here have followed tjub's adventures with sculpting 15mm Hobgoblins/Tjubgobs. It just so happens that our resident Gothenburger have cobbled together an unofficial Tjubgob army list for Kings of War, complete with background for all units and characters: Check it out here on Google Drive!

The list includes old classics of Hobgoblin fame, and many new exotic units such as War Mammoths and flightless Bak-kak-ku bird riders! (Admiralty Miniatures will by the way produce 15mm miniatures for all units in due time, courtesy of tjub's sculpting frenzy.) You can find a dedicated thread for the new army list here in Rules Development, where feedback and tactics discussion will be much appreciated.

It's written with 15mm Kings of War in mind, but should be easy to use in the full size version as well. Wink

Also, Dancing Yak Miniatures have generously released a free STL file for this broken Abysmal Dwarf statue as a gift to the community. Way to go, guys! Cheers!

You can find a full compilation of free files for 3D-printing of Chaos Dwarf interest over here.

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Wow, fantastic work - on all fronts!! Can't wait!
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