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its hard to make nagash serious, and it basically goes against the whole tomb kings fluff, they grew immunity to nagash's influence and kick him out of khemri , would be nice to see a combination but after all both armies are full list, its just saying, "empire and bretonian  are humans and i want them together"
Val Kilmer? ROFL ^^
I guess you mean Heinrich Kemmler, the Liche Lord.

But he is usually more associated with Krell and the army of the cairns, so won't quite fit into a Vampire army. I'm also quite sure we won't see Nagash either. The only excuse to ever field him would be a "Warhammer: Apocalypse" expansion where him and other über-characters could be fielded in 10k armies.
It's hard to imagine Nagash being a special character.  He is so powerful he is almost a God.
If they put him in it would cost thousands of points to field him.

It would be like the empire being able to field Sigmar.

wallacer Wrote:
It would be like the empire being able to field Sigmar.

or the High Elves being able to take Anerion  Shock

Well theres never been a 1,000 point VC special character has there...
Sorry guys my money is on Anearion, pretty bad a@@ when you take on 4 greater daemons at the same time.
Sword that is a fragment of crystalized death?

Remember the "Areana of Death" from WD arround issue 225ish? Nagash lost, the Bloodthrister was the champ. Throw in 3 more daemons to the fight and Anearion still won

And: blessed by the primary elven deity, and ancient dragon far beyond those that roam the world today,

Don't get me wrong: Nagash is tough just not tough as a demi god IMHO. Again YMMV.
Grimnir would kick all of them... Literally as he's only got short legs Happy
Are there any pics of models for these special characters?

Btw have any of you seen the new Corpse carrier and skeleton models?
Remember though that Nagash doesn't even have to do the fighting himself, he can kill instantly with a mere word.
(He probably says 'Ni!')

I'm sure Aenarion could indeed kill Nagash... but then, the latter would just resurrect some 2000 years later and be as powerful again as ever. Wink

Malificant Wrote:
also, isnt lord kroak like 1000 points?

I think he is quite a bit more than 1,000 points.

Malificant Wrote:
zacharias was 1000 pointa wasnt he?

My point exactly. But I think special characters of that points value are too beardy. And besides, if you wanted to make them fieldable for gamers then you'd have to make them available in 3,000pts games - how often do people play any bigger than this? I think we'd all agree Nagash in 3,000pts is pretty unfluffy - he'd crush an army of that size in the blink of an eye. Herohammer is dead, and for good reason

If they did put Nagash in they'd have to at least make him worth 2 or more lord slots so he couldn't be in smaller games.
Having him worth 1,000 points (or whatever) would still mean that he could be fielded in a 2k army, which would just be nuts.
It might be nice to have a load of the super powerful characters for 4K+ battles.  It is sad when they make them only 500pts when these people should be army killers.
Another character that would be impossible to field is Lord Kroak BEFORE he died, the charater now is just the dried up husk with the dwindling spirit around him

He vanquished an entire ARMY of greater daemons at the time of the great incursion, and had the power to shift continents and change the planet's climate

He is one baddass frog Tongue

WarplockMonkey Wrote:
had the power to shift continents and change the planet's climate

It would be annoying to play against someone who could shift the terrain at will.

Not that that's never happened before, damn High Elves!
And wood elves don't forget. It was always fun to drop a hill on someone!
Annoying to play terrain shifters eh? Wood Elves anyone?

Arlon Wrote:
...anerion...never characters before
nagash was

No. But someone came up with some unofficial stats and points values once (for a perspective)... somewhere around 1,500 including the dragon... too low IMHO.

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