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Full Version: A refresh on chaos dwarfs.
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All the drawing I've been doing of late has prompted me to expand my mind once again on chaos dwarfs.

I took a long time to think about some of the themed ideas I've discussed on here, and I started drawing some sketches.  But you know what, my interest quickly diminished.  Not because drawing fantasy evil dwarfs isn't fun, but because I've been drawing the same basic themes for the last 10+ years!

So I decided this time to do something very different for me and set only 3 basic design rules.

1.  Some obvious interpretation of Chaos on everyone.
2.  Dwarf scale features (I don't use the word 'bodies' for a reason...)
3.  Nothing that absolutely looks straight out of 40k.

You may all be thinking but isn't this the same basic rules as always!?

No! Because what I am not saying is that I have to include any of the following:

Scale armour
Eastern theme
Bodies only turning to stone when they mutate.
Split skull, bulls, or other WD presents iconography

Infact, my ideas will probably deliberately not include any of the above!

Watch this space...
Cool, Im looking forward to see what will come out of this... Happy
Forgive the very, very basic sketches, but this is the direction my mind is going.

I've yet to decide what the output will be here, sculpted (if so, on what scale) or just a battle scene etc.

To explain the drawing a bit.

The top one has an over sized mutated arm, and a huge daemon blade that plugs into his back.  Explaining how he can lift it.

The middle one features a number of elements that will be common, at least to a few more.  Of particular interest the arms and chest have very high tech looking armour compared to anything in warhammer.  Abstract shapes.

The bottom one was themed vaguely off the fat guy on thor.  The idea being the daemon stomach is a reflection in his appetite, and the daemon weapon is vaguely like a weird chicken leg Big Grin. But his helmet/ mask is designed to stop him eating.
Cool. I love the daemon weapon and bare feet.
In Warhammer, bare feet is the go to archetype of the fanatics; savage orcs, flagellants, slayers.  So I thought why not an army of disciples!?
Nice concepts! Weird and different for sure. I like the thoughts behind them. Takes Hat off
I decided to sculpt Baldur.  Going great so far, really fun doing some sculpting again actually!

Its proven tricky sculpting the fattest dwarf I've ever made, and it's been interesting trying to blend different ideas.

A random thought I had before bed, what do you all think of this as a fantasy great weapon?

Jaws of life, reimagined as Jaws of death of course!
Go go gadget jaws of death. I love the idea.
Another concept, which I will quickly expand upon.

I had a sudden inspiration why not try and represent a lot of the warmachine ideas I've had over the years as a chaos dwarf instead!

This was an easy one to start with, being the old whirlwind.

Something like my soul reaper or even the skullcracker now that will be a challenge!

Also a wip shot of the Baldur concept.

If staff could move this to the ideas section please.

Wow! Equally quick and great work, Grim! Takes Hat off
Very cool sculpt. I do like him. The whirlwind dwarf  is awesome too, a sort of cd version of the goblin fanatics.  Mind you death by Hula is much cooler!
Very interesting concept and great implementation. Cheers! I look forward to your next work! Takes Hat off

Oh, nice. Thats quick as well! Is it a concept or do you have bigger plans for them? Casting etc.
I have no plans to cast at the moment.  But I am building up a few things that do at some point need to be cast.

I might use the 28mm versions as test pieces for larger scale sculpts or busts.

Grimstonefire Wrote:
I might use the 28mm versions as test pieces for larger scale sculpts or busts.

Oh, that sounds cool! There been a few "bigger" ones floating around a few years back. Used as a K'daii I think? Anyway, always impressed with the bigger sculpts so I hope you realize your plans to show us here! Some day when I have more space and time Ill give it a go my self... Happy

I'm still trying to get my head around what would be the suitable cut off point for a CD bust.

Some do it mid chest, no arms.

Others waist, or mid thigh.
this is such a cool concept!
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