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Full Version: Rumblings of Chaos Dwarfs To Come [AoS/KoW/T9A]
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Late summer-early autumn has seen promising glimpses of Chaos Dwarfs in all three of the largest supported games and settings out there. This is a belated news summary. Blame the short Dwarf legs for the delay!

First up, in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the Warcry short story The Iron Promise by Josh Reynolds touches on Twisted Duardin. One new individual name: Khoragh Ar-Nardras Has'ut

Apparently our dirty arms dealing is hale and healthy in the new age!

The Iron Promise

Black Library Wrote:
In the space between the Mortal Realms sits the Eightpoints, a great confluence of realmgates linking all the lands that should belong to Chaos. Around it is the Bloodwind Spoil, and here, the tribes dedicated to the Dark Gods fight to prove themselves to the Everchosen. For Vos Stalis and his Iron Golems, their goal is to reach the forge-fortress of the tainted duardin Khoragh Ar-Nardras Has’ut and discover why their shipments of arms and armour have stopped. But nothing is as it seems in the spoil, and danger awaits…

Meanwhile, this Kings of War: Ice & Iron post from Mantic reveals that Abyssal Dwarves will get a full warband release during early 2020! Some glimpses have been shared by Mantic:

Work in progress Blacksouls.

Abyssal Dwarf Ranger concepts.

And lastly, the Ninth Age has shared an army book snippet from their upcoming Infernal Dwarf project. Enter the most customizable artillery pieces seen in an official army list to this date!

To speak in WHFB terms, how about a flamethrower Hellcannon or pain train?

Tyranno Wrote:
Short Concept Description
Industrial production of war machines with interchangeable parts has revolutionized the armory of the Infernal Dwarf armies allowing them to mount any of their guns on a range of chassis with little effort to suite the terrain, enemy or tactics.

Intended guns:
Volley Gun.

Intended chassis:
Gunnery Team.
Infernal Engine.
Bound Daemon.
Infernal Artillery.

Intended Ammunitions:
Tremor Ammunition.
Kadim Infused Ammunition.
Poisonous Fumes.

Makes one think of Thommy H's rules for customizable warmachines, eh?

As you can see, there are currently life signs of Chaos Dwarfs (of various names) all over the more popular supported games and settings out there. The future is looking rather good on all fronts, fellows. Wink

The Staff

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Good to see.  I do love these little snippets
I am very much looking forward to the new Mantic stuff. The Blacksouls look really nice, and as to Chaos dwarfs with dual-wielded blunderbuss pistols - well, I imagine a conversation between two Daemonsmiths:

"Look here. I know blunderbusses are short-ranged. But within that range, they will annihilate any target that's located in the general direction they're pointing, right?"
"Well, I have this idea. How about we make their range even shorter…"
"That's silly."
"... but give each soldier two of the things?"
"To the workbench!"
@Antenor: Haha, true... Could be for special ops, fighting in tunnels or forts etc.
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