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Full Version: Artisan's Contest XXIX
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Interesting theme, nothing jumps to mind immediately, will have to do some thinking to pull something from the nebulous storm of ideas. Evil idea
Certainly neglected this over the holidays. Finally had some time to sit down and marinate a few ideas today. Hoping everyone's forges are stoked for 2020! Big Grin

Admiral Wrote:
My forge is stoked, but the blacksmith just got sick, I'm afraid. Sick

Deadline moved to 24th of January, which might be prolonged a bit more if Nurgle prove stubborn. Don't be shy of asking for some extra days if you would need it for your entry; it might suit me fine anyway, if it turns out I need more rest to recover properly.

Anyhow, looking forward to see what everyone cooks up! Happy

Sorry to hear that, Grandpappy Nurgle does tend to lay siege this time of year.. dead Get well soon.

Take care and stay safe down there
Fat slaves just mean you need to execute less to feed the rest, saving you on rations.

Tongue Wink
Good luck to your friend with their surgery.
Surely Swedish winter should leave such a cold blooded individual comatose?

Tongue Wink
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