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Full Version: Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
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Cheers folks, and enjoy this season. God jul! Takes Hat off

Next year have something big in line for CDO's future. Will probably start rolling after a few months.

Stay tuned!
Hashut be with you all !     Cheers!
I wish you all a merry and peaceful Christmas! Takes Hat off

Merry Xmas everyone.
No Dawi Zharr pressies for me but I did get these....

Happy Christmas, Nadlolig llawen to all of Hashuts’ little helpers.
Praise hashut as I have received a heap of gin
Merry Christmas everyone.
Happy new year! Stay tuned. There will hopefully be a critical update for CDO to come in 2020.
Late to the party due to some password issues. Glad to be back!
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